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By Petrache Ionut Sep 6, 2022


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Axion is a decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investment with staking rewards and access to various features of the staking ecosystem.

We have seen a lot of projects in our times, but nothing quite like this one, so put your safety belt on because we are set for launch to discover the ecosystem that is Axion Network!

What is Axion?
First of all it’s a decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investment with high yields and regular payouts, and when we speak long term, you can lock your $AXN for up to 15 years.

Currently, 167,203,795,667 $AXN are staked for 15 years. That is almost 49% of the number of $AXN that is available in the market. Talking about diamond hands!

By Staking $AXN, investors unlock access to different features within the Axion Staking Ecosystem, unlocked through their online Staking Portal.

These features allow investors short-term and long-term opportunities to increase their digital asset portfolio and benefit from a scalable passive income solution:

  • Quantum $AXN bonus with Axion Accelerator
  • Daily liquid bitcoin dividends (Currently not available due to market conditions)
  • Up to 47% APR
  • Access to Axion NFT ecosystem
  • Access to Axion Launchpad ecosystem
  • Stake naming, splitting, & minting as NFTs

Let’s get into the juicy details first such as the Buying and Staking Interface called the Accelerator.

As you can see, you can choose various tokens and it will automatically buy $AXN for you, with an extra 15% bonus depending on how many days you want to stake, it starts at 1% for 365 days and goes up to 15% at 5555 days. The calculator and estimates are quite enticing especially when we know the development team is working day and night to improve and add new features to the protocol.

On top of everything, their cutting-edge dividend algorithms offer stockholders daily liquid Bitcoin that can be withdrawn whenever they choose. It's a fantastic way to instantly DCA to BTC. Currently this feature is not available as voted by the community due to market conditions.

Locking an investment for a long time ensures great returns for visionary investors that see the genius of Axion. Once you have locked your funds, you will receive an Axion Particles NFT that you can use in the Collider, another interesting feature that gives you the opportunity at an extra stake, basically you get a randomized amount of $AXN locked into an NFT contract that you can feed into the brand-new Collider to convert particles into AXN! For each time you purchase AXN through the Accelerator, a multiplier is contained in each Particle NFT. Each NFT has the potential to be redeemed for a fresh bonus stake worth up to 10x the value of your initial.


The awesome part is that you can even list your Particle NFT on Opensea or trade it with someone, give it to a friend that wants to try Axion Network or keep it for later use.

What is the Collider?
The Axion Collider is a new Axion Staking Portal tool. You can select a Particles NFT from your collection using the Collider. If the particles successfully collide, it will count the number of particles inside the NFT and let you choose the length of the stake you want. When the collider is activated, it reads a vast array of blockchain variables to produce a random number. The tokens are successfully minted into AXN, and a new stake is produced and assigned to your wallet if the resulting number satisfies the odds! This position is eligible for Axion Launch and will yield dividends in Bitcoin. No stake is produced if the Particles do not collide. The Particles NFT burns in either case.

EVENT Based NFTs - Phoenix NFTs Staking Bonus
If you thought that it stopped at only the Accelerator and the Collider, you’re in for a surprise.
Recently the Axion team launched a marketing campaign to encourage participation during the bear market by introducing the Phoenix NFTs.

In a recent campaign, stakers could also receive a Phoenix NFT that would increase their yield, these NFTs are awarded at 150$, 300$ and 500$ minimum stake value and award them with a bonus of 2% to 4% respectively. These NFTs are trade-able so investors can also list them on Opensea. Currently this is only available on Opensea.

Axion Launch
Axion Launch is a brand-new effort that combines new tokens with Axion's distinctive ecosystem of long-term stakers. The Axion Staking Community can now take advantage of the special opportunity of carefully curated launches designed for long-term growth thanks to Axion Launch.

By bringing in a committed group of investors that believe in the long-term worth of cryptocurrencies and are willing to stake an investment for years at a time, Axion Launch also offers substantial advantages to new or existing tokens. Tokens, whether new or old, greatly benefit from Axion's community of steady, long-term investors since they bring with them a different perspective than the usual day trader. In general, Axion's stakers will be more likely to hold new tokens for long-term growth, which is advantageous for the new launch tokens with a stronger base of wallet holders.

Every project onboarded on the Axion Launchpad is unique, so be sure to check every Launch since each new partner joining Axion will have specific requirements that are established during the partnership creation. Some launches might only be airdrops, while others might offer special benefits or permit substantial price reductions. The Launch will be restricted to Axion's stakers aged one year and older, with those who have staked for the maximum 5555 days receiving the most advantage.

The Axion Network is ripe with features and interesting opportunities, the admins are intensely engaged with the community, the website has an unparalleled smoothness when browsing through the pages and the user experience is quite possibly one of the best we’ve seen in a long while.

"Right now our primary focus is to bring as much added value to our ecosystem as possible, in spite of the current bear market. As it stands, this bear market has provided an opportunity to connect with several amazing projects that have the same goals and interests as our team and our community. Over the next few weeks and months, we're looking to establish and introduce secondary token use options, opportunities to participate in our liquidity mining, as well as establishing relationships with launch partners that are not necessarily looking to launch right away, but more importantly, they are also looking to leverage this time and position themselves for the next bull run. All of these areas within the crypto market are important to measure and incorporate as we set the stage for Axion to fulfill its 15-year minimum purposes and goals."

James McFadden - a.k.a. Metal on Discord one of Axion's Core Team Contributors.

If you are hungry for more, we’ll have a deep dive very soon. In the meantime, you can check the project links down below.

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