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BetSwirl aspires to be THE decentralized gaming platform: transparent and fair, non-custodial, licensed, trustless, and led by the community. Unlike traditional blockchain casinos, BetSwirl aims to provide novel gaming with storytelling, as well as visually appealing and inventive designs.

BetSwirl is a fully decentralized and anonymous online DeFi gambling platform where everyone can enjoy fair play, a good time, and a unique gaming experience.

So what really is BetSwirl?
It definitely is a unique, interactive and top notch GameFi experience full of catchy animations and sound effects and metaverse-ready. Multiple games will be available on this platform including Dice, Coin Toss, Million Jackpot and the upcoming Fruit Party Slot, Roulette and the most ambitious one Poker all within reach of your favourite token of choice: Matic, BNB, AVAX, BETS, and all other ERC20 Partners.

BetSwirl is powered by the $BETS token which has multiple use cases and is highly deflationary. The platform also offers Dividends through Staking $BETS by sharing profits with the community. A multi-level referral program like none other, the more people you refer – the higher the reward! Full transparency with an in depth analytics dashboard and most importantly BetSwirl is community driven, always ready to surprise its users with incentives and rewards!

BetSwirl is currently deployed on the Polygon Blockchain, but the development team is not stopping here, despite the fact that the blockchain multiverse is growing in popularity, the infrastructure for new dApps is sometimes inadequate, as Ethereum's large players focus on their core market. BetSwirl’s development effort strives to be as simple to implement on other blockchains as possible, allowing them to immediately address untapped markets and position themselves ahead of the competition.
The low-trust environment of the blockchain necessitates a high level of openness and transparency. As a result, the most successful initiatives have all disclosed their codebase once they've established community trust. This attracted a large number of users, as well as developers who forked, hacked, and established other open-source projects. Uniswap's code has been forked over a thousand times, but it is still the second-largest DEX in terms of volume in the crypto world. BetSwirl aims to create open-source tools and games that everyone can implement into their dApps.

The $BETS Token
This token is highly utilitarian, the first thing you can do with it, is just play all the games BetSwirl has available on their website, but it doesn’t stop here! You will be able to stake $BETS to earn a share of the project’s profits, get exclusive NFTs only purchasable with $BETS, Vote on the DAO or just hold it for and see its value grow through the deflationary mechanisms.
The BetSwirl team will use buybacks and burn $BETS with revenue from all games, after each Million Jackpot Draw, after each purchase of NFT, and 50% of the NFT royalties.

The team aims to share over 40% of the protocol revenue with stakers.

What has BetSwirl been up to lately?
Say no more! The partnership with Sphere Finance should speak for itself. The deflationary nature of $SPHERE v2.1 and the potential of BetSwirl have come together to to boost $SPHERE’s deflation mechanisms even more, the BetSwirl ecosystem will grow and thrive with this new addition and liquidity inflow. There are indeed some BETS this dev team doesn’t want to miss!

This cooperation will not only host BetSwirl at, but it will also assist them in building their ecosystem by adding the Sphere team's considerable DeFi knowledge.
Furthermore, the Sphere community will always be the first to test new BetSwirl games before they are released to the rest of the BetSwirl ecosystem, which is just one of the amazing partnership privileges they offer with the awesome BetSwirl team.

We think BetSwirl has high potential, with the amazing graphics, the seamless user experience, and the passionate team – there is not much that can stand in their way!

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