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The strategy game C.A.T. will let players earn the $SINDRI token by via play to earn. The team has a ton of utility planned for the coin, but their top priority is building a strong economy that can endure both boom and bear markets.

C.A.T. is the first component of the SINDRI complex ecosystem, which will also include DeFi and SaaS businesses and is built around the token $SINDRI. It is not just a typical peer-to-peer game that only functions during bull markets when its tokenomics implode.

The Cattos NFTs
There will be a total of 9000 Cattos NFTs, with a mint limit of 3000 Starter Packs, each starter pack will include 3 Cattos, one of each class, for the players to be able to start playing the game.

Numerous attributes unique to each Catto NFT will be maintained as metadata on IPFS. The Ethereum blockchain will subsequently be used to store the proof of ownership.
Upon completion of any assignment, a Catto will gain experience; however, if the operation was a failure, the experience output will be reduced by 50%.

A Catto can level up once it has accumulated sufficient experience. A new XP cap based on the Catto's new level will be set when it levels up, reducing the XP of the Catto in its metadata to 0. Only the amount of experience necessary for a Catto to level up is allowed (etc. on level 5 the Catto cannot have more than 1392 experience). Additionally, it will necessitate the players burning a set quantity of $SINDRI. The difficulty of leveling up will increase as each level requires more resources than the one before it.

How effectively the Catto completes missions and earns $SINDRI depends on its experience level. The leveling system is crucial to the P2E functionality of the game because a Catto's ability to effectively perform missions increases with level.
The quantity of $SINDRI required fluctuates from level to level, and advancing to the next level always requires 10% more experience than the level before it.

The primary method by which players can acquire resources is through missions. Every 24 hours, new missions will become available. Through the use of an off-chain method, these will be produced at random. In exchange for $SINDRI, a player will be able to rapidly refresh quests.

By joining and following the Cattos Discord you will have a chance to get one of the 700 Whitelist spots which benefits you in the following ways:
- Get to mint early at a discounted price
- Receive the $SINDRI token via airdrop
- Test the game builds before they are out
- A chance to get future generations of Cattos NFTs for free


The Team
The Cattos Team is very passionate about this project and are working hard on both the development front but also in engaging with the community on their social media accounts, and most importantly they are fully Doxxed.

We have had the honour of speaking to them, and they have given us a special sneak peek of a very Rare Catto, the White Tiger:

Isn't it cute? And amazing?

In Conclusion, we are excited to hear more about Cattos and we will be closely following their progress and keep you updated!  

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