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By Petrache Ionut Jun 6, 2022


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Crystl Finance is the leading Vaulting Platform on Polygon, Cronos, and BSC, bringing Maximized Passive Income to the masses with secure, transparent, and decentralized solutions across several blockchains.

With Vaults, Ultra Farms, and Revenue Sharing, you'll have unprecedented options for passive income. The Vaults V3, which is not available on any other platform, is their standout feature. By supplying and staking liquidity for the $CRYSTL Token through their unique Revenue Sharing model, you may earn continuous dividends from the project’s overall earnings.

The Mission
The team behind Crystl Finance is passionate about their protocol, constantly looking to improve all their yield capabilities and reward its users with the best revenue earning solutions.
Maximize your earnings, optimize your passive income and earn dividends are the main punch lines of the project. With over 50,000 active users and growing at the pace of over 25,000 users a month they surely seem to have taken their foot off the brakes in order to engage and reward their investors at any time.

Intelligent solutions implemented by the team are ever evolving and set to constantly deliver a better experience!

The Token
The community has approved a Governance Proposal to hard cap the supply of $CRYSTL at 12.5 million units. On January 19, 2022, token reward emissions came to an end. All remaining emissions up to 12.5 million were minted with the intention of using the CRYSTL-CRO bonding function to purchase protocol-owned liquidity on Cronos.

The service fee from the auto-compounding Vaults creates revenue for the Crystl Finance protocol. A portion of these fees is utilized to provide dividends to CRYSTL liquidity providers on each network where Crystl Finance operates. The native blockchain's gas token is used to pay out rewards.

The V3 Vaults – A unique solution
Crystl Finance has developed their V3 protocol with a focus on maximum efficiency. A variety of technical smart contract tweaks and gas optimizations make V3 extremely cost-effective, allowing Crystl Finance to swiftly develop and maintain a huge number of strategies. As a result, Crystl's users get to enjoy high compounding frequency and a diverse set of staking options at minimal cost.

However, what makes V3 Vaults truly special is the infrastructure that allows Crystl Finance to create new & revolutionary strategies never-before-seen on the market. One example of this is their new Ultra Farms product that allows users to maximize earnings in their favourite single tokens rather than compounding LP.

V3 includes other innovations such as the potential for further integration through tokenized proof-of-deposit voucher tokens under the ERC-1155 token standard. Crystl has already demonstrated a use for this feature through the form of Boosted rewards on their platoform, allowing users to earn additional rewards on top of their auto-compounding earnings.

Ultra Farms
An Ultra Farm is a unique type of vault available only on Crystl Finance. Ultra Farms accept LP tokens as a deposit for farming reward tokens on a third-party platform, and then stakes those tokens in a single staking strategy to generate interest. Standard Vaults accept LP tokens as a deposit, and earnings are reinvested to earn more LP tokens. Ultra Farms, on the other hand, reinvest rewards into a method that only yields interest for one sort of token.

To get compounding interest on a typical farm, users must manually harvest and reinvest earnings between strategies. This procedure is inconvenient and expensive, as it requires a significant amount of gas to complete the necessary transactions. This is fully hands-free and automatic with an Ultra Farm, and the user pays no gas fees other than the initial transactions costs. Users may optimize their passive revenue with a single token, fully hands-free and without the difficulties and costs associated with manual transactions.

The V3 Vaults and Ultra Farms have gone through the full Audit process by the HashEx Company, a firm that upholds top standard procedures when it comes to Smart Contract verification.

Can it benefit other projects? Absolutely!
DeFi initiatives are frequently wary of the sell pressure imposed by traditional Vaults. That is no longer the case. Ultra Farms ensure that value is kept where it belongs: with protocols and their users. Ultra Farms, unlike standard Vaults, do not produce negative sell pressure because rewards are not sold for LPs but instead reinvested in single staking Pools. In reality, by collecting rewards on another platform, swapping those rewards for the native token, and staking the native token in a single auto-compounding strategy, Ultra Farms can create positive purchase pressure.
Vault deposits are tokenized with the ERC-1155 standard, allowing other projects to integrate them seamlessly.

Crystal Governance
$CRYSTL Governance allows $CRYSTL token holders to vote on crucial choices affecting the platform's future, such as tokenomics, business strategy changes, and $CRYSTL utility. Crystl Finance's dedicated community has been the most essential factor in the company's growth and maturity since its launch in June 2021. They wanted to take their relationship with the community to the next level, proudly acknowledging this. Every $CRYSTL holder now has the opportunity to directly impact the future of Crystl Finance in a democratic and decentralized manner, thanks to the introduction of $CRYSTL Governance.

In November 2021, the Crystal Finance DAO was created, and is a huge success ever since.

The Banana Ultra Farm
Following their latest success, we have been pleasantly surprised to see the addition of ApeSwap's native token $BANANA in the Crystl Finance ecosystem, notably the Ultra Farms offering up to 167% APY in $BANANA rewards!

Major connection to the community
What makes a project successful if not the connection it has to the community? Crystl Finance is highly engaged and tirelessly interacting with their userbase, from their Crytl Radio Podcast episodes to the Crystl History Trivia and their constant Twitter activity, it seems to be clear what makes this protocol completely stand out in vis-a-vis from their competitors!

We think Crystl Finance has a bright future ahead and are excited for their newest innovations to come!

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