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Cyber Battle is the ultimate real-time Play to Earn strategy game, offering a challenging and compelling gameplay environment. By participating in the ecosystem and playing games, players and community members can earn tokens. In Adventure Mode, players can take part in boss fights where they can use strategy and take on a variety of foes, or they can complete daily quests for prizes.

Dominate your enemies and conquer the galaxies.

With a play-to-earn structure, Cyberbattle strives to encourage and welcome both new and seasoned gamers to the world of NFT gaming. The goal of the Cyberbattle Development Team is to bridge the gap between the play-to-earn experience that players now have in a centralized system and the application of this methodology to a decentralized system model. Users may then autonomously experience the play-to-earn paradigm without depending on a centralized authority, while also having their privacy and security guaranteed.

Offering additional rewards and recognitions inside the gaming industry to empower gamers in accordance with their abilities, diligence, commitment, and time.

The gaming and financial industries' present systems will be breached by Cyberbattle, ensuring independence and security while providing the community with the best enjoyment and happiness possible all by planning many long-lasting accomplishments.

Players can acquire $CBL tokens in Cyber Battle's PvE system by taking on aliens across the galaxy. Battles get harder as you travel farther into space. The potential payoff, though, makes the effort and time invested worthwhile because it also grows in value. Players that are confident in their skills will succeed in a situation with a high risk to reward ratio.

Before moving on to the next galaxy in the PvE ecosystem, players must complete 5 levels of difficulty to reach each boss encounter. As a result, there would be more incentive to keep up the current level of gameplay in the hopes of defeating the galaxy's boss.


Users who find themselves stranded on a level have the option to modify their weapon systems to boost the stats of the spaceships they can buy with $CBL tokens. After they have played a specific number of times in a day, users also have the option of buying additional lives. After acquiring the $CBL token, customers also have the option to try again. If not, the player will have to wait until the timeout period is through before they may resume playing.

The Spaceship NFTs
The NFT Spaceships that can be controlled in Cyber Battle are called the Cybergens. The spacecraft are available in three (3) rarities, each of which denotes how special it is in the ecosystem: Common, Rare, and Legendary.

Additionally, improving your current Cybergens or getting higher-rarity Cybergens will make it simpler for you to destroy foes and bosses that you previously had trouble defeating.

Once the starship reaches the desired level through the PvE system of Cyber Battle, Cybergens are upgradeable through the expenditure of $CBL tokens. Gaining experience makes your Cybergen stronger and raises its stats, giving you an advantage when taking on challenges and bosses.

Cybergenesis? What is that?
The development team created Cybergenesis so that your Cybergen would stand out from other spaceships. The game gives players the option to boost the stats and rarity of their NFT, which could raise the NFTs market worth.

As was indicated before, upgrading your spaceship raises its rarity as well as its efficiency in taking out hostile aliens, increasing the likelihood that the user will succeed in completing the challenges in each galaxy.

Users can buy and sell any Cyber Battle NFT at the decentralized marketplace known as the Cyber Battle Center without ever leaving the network. Only $CBL can be used to buy and sell NFTs.

CyberBattle is currently undergoing Beta Testing on iOS

There are ongoing plans by the development team to bring the CyberBattle game to Android as well. The game will be available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store at launch!

The CyberBattle Team has made some important partnerships lately notably with Polygon Studios, Oort Digital and PolyDoge! The team is highly ambitious and passionate about this Play to Earn game, working hard to achieve excellence through innovative gameplay development and fun ever-present community engagement.

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