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DeFIRE is a set of resources that anyone can use to create a risk- and capital-efficient portfolio. In DeFi, yield prospects are becoming more complex. Many investors lack the time, energy, or technical expertise to monitor, develop, or apply these methods on their own. Through a diverse marketplace of products with varied degrees of risk, reward, and volatility, DeFIRE provides exposure to the yield market.

What makes DeFIRE Unique?
DeFIRE offers the most effective DeFi approach in the blockspace by giving customers a single marketplace to access DeFi's best risk-adjusted opportunities. With regard to the protocols they intend to utilize in the Strategies that will power BLAZE Containers, DeFIRE aims to be extremely picky and risk-averse. The development team's objective is to safeguard BLAZE users' money while outperforming the competition. This is a difficult task, but DeFIRE believes it can be met by innovating and developing sophisticated strategies, such as delta neutral, automated stop-loss triggers, etc. BLAZE delivers the market diversification of an index fund while being more potent than a hedge fund. While equaling or exceeding the returns you would receive from the time-consuming self-management of your portfolio, BLAZE does the work for you.

Let reputable asset managers and cutting-edge protocols compete to provide you the best possible returns on your investment. Choose from a wide choice of modular and composable Vaults to create a customized portfolio. Whether you wish to actively manage your portfolio or select methods with automated stop-loss triggers for peace of mind, the decision is entirely up to you. The $DFIRE multipurpose crypto token, which collects a reward portion of all revenue made by the ecosystem's protocols, serves as the basis for DeFIRE's governance. The two main components of value accrual and favorable price action are the token’s Fixed Supply and Expanding Utility. The development team created tokenomics to provide the finest real yield results in DeFi.

Innovative Features

The Blaze Protocol
Investors can deposit their funds into multi-chain cryptocurrency asset "containers" through the BLAZE Protocol. Participants will put money into a container and gain exposure to the assets within it as well as a portion of the yield produced by those assets. If you deposit 1000 USDC into a Container using an ETH directional Strategy, the Container buys $1000 in ETH and then deploys it to whatever yield-generating opportunity defined by the Strategy. The deposits made into BLAZE Containers are always backed by real assets, and withdrawing liquidates all the assets purchased with your deposit and gives you back the funds obtained. Many different types of containers, each with its own combination of assets and strategies, will be available, and the participant can choose the one that best suits them based on their risk tolerance and long-term objectives. Through containerised DeFi tactics that require no user engagement, BLAZE will enable users to capitalize on the financial benefits of this new, quickly developing financial sector. This protocol will enable everyone to participate equally and openly in the DeFI environment.

BLAZE offers a new, gamified potential for professional investors, corporations, and other financial institutions while demystifying the process of portfolio diversification for the conventional retail investor.

These organizations will have access to customizable containers to build out the initiatives they have spent months or years identifying or have never had the time to explore. The volume and yield that custom container builders are able to assemble in their container will determine the performance fee that they will be paid for promoting their strategy.

This reflects a higher standard of democratic, open financial transparency for investors. No one will be able to pump a container and utilize their fans as exit liquidity without coming under public attention, regardless of their popularity. This fosters a safe atmosphere where experienced and inexperienced investors can cooperate in good faith.

The $DFIRE Token
A single DAO will oversee the governance of every protocol in the DeFIRE ecosystem, and that DAO's administration will be based solely on the gDFIRE token. Owners of $DFIRE may lock their tokens for up to 18 months in order to earn gDFIRE ($DFIRE for governance).

Starting with BLAZE and IGNITE, gDFIRE will start collecting fees from all ecosystem protocols, as well as enabling holders to increase their container rewards, and control how $DFIRE emission incentives are dispersed.

$DFIRE/gDFIRE will stay at the core of the DeFIRE ecosystem as it grows. Every new protocol DeFIRE introduces will create new opportunities for holders of $DFIRE and gDFIRE to earn money.

The IGNITE Protocol
DeFIRE's IGNITE protocol allows loans to be made against deposits made in the BLAZE protocol. These loans are automatically repaid over time using the yield generated by the BLAZE container shares used as collateral. Effectively, IGNITE unlocks all of the TVL in BLAZE. For example you can use a looping strategy by depositing your BLAZE Container rewards into IGNITE, then take out a loan and put it back into your BLAZE Container effectively creating leverage to increase your yield. IGNITE will use conservative LTV ratios and education to help protect users from liquidation.

The synergy between IGNITE and BLAZE fosters a safe and relatively risk-averse ecosystem where investors can get the most out of their portfolio without relying on manual headache inducing strategies or constant monitoring. The DeFIRE development team is working to deliver a stress free environment for all types of investors and DeFi enthusiasts.

What has DeFIRE achieved so far?
The development team has been working hard to build the project, they have recently finished the complete overhaul of the DeFIRE Website. Additionally the project has received grants from both AAVE Grants DAO and PolygonDAO to implement the features they are building in the most innovative ways possible and the DeFIRE Team is making sure to deliver these products with the highest, cutting-edge standards in mind.

You can read more about the AAVE’s support for DeFIRE in this article.

DeFIRE is also now taking part in the IOTA Touchpoint Program.

You can read a lot more about what the team is developing right on their official blog.

With a Team this passionate and engaged with the community,a vast long-term innovative vision and plethora of amazing products set to release for Q4, DeFIRE is set to become one of the most used and appreciated DeFi protocols not only in 2023, but also for years to come.

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