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The Dexsport team announces a massive update of their Web 3.0 betting platform. The upgrade included four components, focused on scaling, liquidity maximization, and user experience optimization.

The Dexsport team has been accumulating ideas for the update for six months since the launch of the mainnet in January 2022. The developers had the ear for user comments and analyzed the achievements of competitors, as well as researched the trends of the world betting market. This painstaking work culminated in the RED update package.

The upgrade consists of four elements. Each part of the update is designed to meet the needs of platform users and improve its technical component.

Polygon Implementation
Dexsport is a multi-chain platform. The number of blockchains supported by the project increased to three: Polygon is now one of them.

Working in a multi-chain format opened up access to new tokens for Dexsport users, including Wrapped MATIC (WMATIC), and USDT. The wrapped version of MATIC is equipped with the smart contracts of an ERC-20 token, that allows to trade MATIC for other ERC-20 tokens on decentralized platforms. In order to wrap the MATIC token, use the Rubic digital asset swap protocol on the Dexsport platform.

In addition, the Polygon integration is an opportunity for further platform growth and development. This update is intended to increase the amount of liquidity circulating on the platform.

New Profit Tools
Now betting is not the only way to make money on Dexsport. The developers integrated support of CrashX and DexDice turbo games. The one session income amounts to as much as x35.

The integration of game support covers the need for Dexsport users to earn money during periods when the betting market is on holiday. CrashX and DexDice are always available, which means that players can start earning at any time. The high profitability of games, according to the developers, makes them an attractive alternative to classic betting.

Cross-Chain Swaps
With the RED upgrade activated, Dexsport users have the tools to instantly exchange over 15,000 tokens within one platform. This service came live in a partnership with a multi-chain digital asset swap protocol, Rubic. One-click token exchange within one platform simplified the process of working with Dexsport and expanded the possibilities for betting.

Simplified Navigation
In an updated version, the platform offers simplified navigation and new functionality. For example, Dexsport users were granted with tools for keeping statistics, as well as a section with documentation and useful articles.

While designing the upgrade of the navigation system, the Dexsport team listened to the needs of users who sent many suggestions to improve various aspects including navigation simplification since the mainnet launch.

Dexsport is a Web3 betting platform now deployed on the Polygon blockchain. The mission of Dexsport is to show users that betting can be honest and open. Trying to improve users' attitude towards betting, developers use the power of web3 tools, such as the blockchain technology which helps Dexsport protect user assets and privacy and makes the betting process transparent.

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