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FODL is a project that aims to address the demand for extremely liquid, low-cost, and completely on-chain leverage. Instead of recreating the wheel, the team looked for ways to use current DeFi building blocks to achieve their objectives, augmenting existing platforms with new use cases. Collateralized lending platforms combined with flash loans proved to be a great way to generate decentralized leverage for long and short trading by leveraging extremely liquid markets.

FODL obtains liquidity via collateral lending markets, allowing traders to use leverage without paying a funding rate on their deals. Rather than fluctuating on/off-chain financing rates influenced by a limited market of margin traders, lending platforms offer deep liquidity, low volatility interest rates, and governance token awards, allowing a user's position to almost always pay for itself.

The motto of FODL is "Be your own funding rate!"

The platform's second purpose was to match it with DeFi's ethos, which included a fully decentralized platform, income distribution scheme, and user experience. Everything is calculated and done on-chain with FODL. The funds are not sent to a centralized pool or protocol. Users retain control over their positions and can only use stop loss and take profit bots to unwind their positions. No revenue from the protocol is ever routed to a team wallet or a central entity; instead, it is used to buy back the protocol's token through decentralized liquidity pools.

With the recent launch of FODL 2.0, a new user interface and a refreshing user experience, FODL's goal is to revive the DeFi area by making traditionally sophisticated financial products accessible to the general public. FODL's derivatives strategy allows users to self-custody their funds while still being exposed to on-chain leverage capabilities, allowing for full trade self-stewardship.

Yield Farmers and traders can use FODL to open positions and acquire leveraged exposure to their favorite asset while also earning a profit.

The FODL platform's patented smart contract bots are used to safeguard leveraged positions from liquidation and can set stop losses and take profit levels.

Holders of the FODL governance token can participate in the FODL DAO and help shape the protocol's future.

Staking is an important aspect of FODL as well.

The FODL token acts as both a governance token and a mechanism for fully decentralized revenue distribution for the fully decentralized protocol DAO.

The supply of tokens will never vary.

We have seen that FODL is fully commited to the community, they are actively engaged on all fronts instructing and interacting with their users, holding MASSIVE giveaways and overall working tirelessly to update and upgrade their protocol to the highest standards!

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