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The gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) is a ground-breaking Play to Earn platform that connects players, creators, and guilds across the Metaverse.

The gDEX Metaverse acts as a unified GameFi layer that enables interoperability across the metaverse, hosting a suite of robust chain agnostic no-coding needed tools and a DeFi-fueled GameFi token economy for gamers to maximize the value of their effort, creators to easily create and onboard games and guilds to manage and grow their communities like never before — all tied to their unique Metaverse Passport.

In the simplest of terms, the initiative aspires to be the P2E economy's core hub for artists, gamers, and guilds. Participants in the Metaverse will be able to use the gDEX platform to create, play, trade, and earn in this fashion. Through the interoperability layers tied to their tokenized Metaverse Passport, users will be able to move their NFTs and tokens across blockchains, games, and metaverses.
While the platform's entire scope is still being developed, it will be available on many blockchains, including Polygon, Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. Users can be onboarded to gDEX regardless of their blockchain preferences because to its cross-chain capabilities. Simultaneously, the project's staff has already negotiated a number of agreements with projects as can be seen, some of them have been listed on their website.

The P2E economy relies heavily on gaming guilds. Unlike typical game guilds, which are made up of a group of players that have a common interest, P2E guilds are profit-driven businesses. These organizations combine their resources, such as NFTs required for specific games, and then rent them out to prospective players for a monthly fee. This business model is similar to that of a taxi service, however instead of cars, it uses gaming characters. Managing and tracking a clan's activities, particularly a large one, can be a difficult task for guild leaders. However, gDEX has created a Guild Management tool to help guild leaders manage their guilds more effectively.

The gDEX Team
CEO - J.D. Salbego - J.D is the Founder and CEO of gDEX Metaverse, a Web3 industry veteran and a strategic leader in the blockchain area for over seven years.
COO - Sonalii A Abrol - Has an impressive track record working with exceptional worldwide teams at renowned AAA games publishers and developers and is a leader in digital entertainment and Gametech business ecosystems.
CTO - Benj Roberts - A seasoned technology leader and CTO with over two decades of experience building high-performing development and operational technology teams across traditional finance, FinTech, and blockchain-based financial services and startups with global Fortune 50-500 companies such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, and TD Securities.
CMO - Sesha Kanthamraju - Joined gDEX to oversee the marketing and communications strategy and implementation. He is a Disney veteran with over 15 years of experience driving marketing and communications for gaming and content across industries.
Senior/Lead Software Engineer - Julian Muro - A gamer and developer that has worked in the business for over a decade. Sega, Pokemon, Konami, Sony, Square Enix, Terminator, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, and Call of Duty are just a few of the best-in-class companies he worked for.
VP of Digital Technology - Dan Crane - He has been at the cutting edge of technology for more than 20 years as a passionate technologist and digital pioneer. Dan has a remarkable range of expertise in this field, ranging from working at and launching software startups to working at the C-level of huge corporations, all while maintaining his hunger for the next big idea.
Head of Games - Ian Tan - 15-year gamer who has been involved in GameFi and crypto for a few years. Ian has developed a profitable and award-winning SEA esports agency with operations in over 20 countries. He is in charge of bringing the top games from around the world to the gDEX platform.
Head of Guilds & Ecosystem - Adrian Sim - Star Symphony, Lorcan Gaming, and Lambda Society have all enlisted the help of a Guild Founder and GameFi Advisor. Adrian evolved his digital localization company to be the go-to service provider for China Literature, Bilibili, Xiaomi, and others as a former entrepreneur.
Head of Partnerships - Cher Chung - Cher is a crypto evangelist with a background in traditional mergers and acquisitions in Fortune 500 companies. She works with internal and external stakeholders to lead gDEX's strategic collaboration prospects.
Head of Marketing - Rohit Kundliwal - Has been a crypto marketer since 2017, and previously worked for WazirX (which was acquired by Binance) in marketing and community, as well as Fortune-500 firms as a strategic consultant. He brings to gDEX a unique marketing background and is charged with increasing the platform's community involvement.
Product Manager - J.B. Andrew - A genuine gamer at heart, has over eight years of gaming industry experience and is extremely passionate about gaming products, indie gamer development, and is now working on the Metaverse and NFTs.

We are quite curious and excited about where this ambitious project is heading and we are looking forward to searching for the best guilds through their platform when we start playing the NEXT big Play 2 Earn game!

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