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By Petrache Ionut Aug 6, 2022


Forbes claims that compared to other asset classes, real estate has produced the most billionaires in recent history. An emerging approach that combines blockchain technology with real estate investing is real estate tokenization.

Tokenization allows investors unparalleled access to private real estate assets, transparency, and liquidity while also assisting asset or fund owners in raising funds more effectively.

Genius Assets is here to close the gap between blockchain and real life assets.

Genius Assets aims to improve the liquidity of real estate, simplify the search for properties, provide undeniable proof of ownership, remove the entry barrier for new investors, improve transparency and market security, decrease transaction costs and provide access to secondary markets.

The agreements used to create the legal entity for the token must automatically permit the blockchain technology to carry out and enforce equity transactions associated with the token.

These "smart contracts" are created to make the various token-related procedures easy and necessary for a token's establishment, such as reward payouts or sales to other investors.

Because it enables more small-scale investor engagement, real estate tokenization is a viable use of blockchain technology that will broaden the investor base by enhancing market liquidity. This value proposition is especially necessary in the real estate sector because, while being the most valuable asset class in the world, the real estate market is still very illiquid.

The next stage in the evolution of blockchain technologies is tokenization, which enables investors to switch from highly speculative, no-collateral cryptocurrencies to asset-backed tokens. The adoption of this investment platform will increase along with the number of active secondary markets for real estate tokens, which will support the real estate market's further growth.

Genius Assets will use smart contracts to describe the real estate asset, define its compliance requirements, validate the investor KYC profile and issue corresponding fund revenue shares to each verified investor. The Fractional Ownership Platform is a turn-key solution to issue tokens and is fully compliant with local jurisdiction.
Last but not least, the MarketPlace will be the go-to place to acquire assets ranging from airport highways and construction projects to NFTs and art. It will be entirely mobile and desktop friendly with merchants and services integrated and a fully branded custom design.

Genius Assets is all about tokenization and fragmentation of the real world assets into the digital realm; enabling the opportunity to buy real world assets at a fraction, creating REAL VALUE and generating PASSIVE INCOME through a cutting edge platform.

The IUX Token
Genius Assets discovered the ideal foundation for simpler and quicker investments by utilizing blockchain technology. For many people who wanted to invest, real estate assets were particularly tough to access because they were always an evergreen. Genius Assets may now carry it out. People don't need to invest a lot of money to use the Genius Marketplace to generate their passive income.

The $IUX Token is a utility cryptocurrency. i.e., you can obtain it and use it in exchange for another good or service. You can buy it right now on QuickSwap or Bitmart and enjoy some immediate benefits like the ability to buy and sell at a later time. You can also stake it through Genius Assets' internal staking program to earn more money over time, or you can just keep it for use on the various projects and features the platform will introduce in the future.

Investing in Genius Assets is investing in your own future, the Team is currently working on the ‘Genius Tower’ a property that will be built in Austria and will generate rent and income for users who invest into this project.

Platform and Audits
With regards to the Genius Assets platform, cutting edge technology is used (REACT 5, custom programmed platform), and stress testing and cyber security are ongoing!

Hacken completed our audit for the SMART CONTRACTS, and their SC audit score was a very respectable 9.90/10.00. Visit this link to view the complete audit:

Claudiu Buda is the Founder and the CEO of Genius Assets, his professional career focused on sales. He has built an immense community with more than 200,000 customers in 17 countries and sales of more than 75 million euros.

Flavius Cocora is a passionate CMO and Crypto Expert, Madalin Mije is the Project Manager and Raluca Vaceff is the Marketing Specialist.

This is the core team of greatly passionate and specialized people working tirelessly day and night on Genius Assets to provide value to the community and the whole world.

You can always check the website and see the Core Team, a team made up of people from different activity fields (management, marketing and cryptocurrencies).

As final thoughts, Genius Assets is having an in-house developed platform and is constantly upgrading it with new functions.  

Raising a team from scratch is basically a qualification list that is never ending, but one skill that everyone is having is “communication”.

It’s rare we see such great potential in a project of this reach and wingspan. We are thoroughly excited about what comes next and we will be following the team closely while appreciating their full involvement with the crypto community they have built!

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