By Petrache Ionut Nov 20, 2022


Goal Star is a decentralized gaming, NFT, and betting platform built on the Web 3.0 standard. Users of NFTs can wager on sporting events and qualify for the grand prize.

What is GoalStar?
The decentralized structure of the Goal Star platform ensures safety and fairness while offering a secure user interface. Players will initially be able to wager on Football events, with future opportunities to wager on a variety of sports, including Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and eSports.

The Binance Smart Chain is the foundation around which the Goal Star platform is constructed. Due to the BSC compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machines, the Goal Star Team is striving to make the ecosystem multi-chain in the coming months (EVM).

Users of the Goal Star platform's initial iteration will be able to place a free wager on each match of the competition, and the leaderboard will be scaled according to their point totals.

To be eligible to compete in the many events held on the platform, users must acquire an NFT.

You can purchase the NFT for 120$ here: https://goalstar.xyz/mint.html

The total prize money for each tournament will be determined by the number of competitors. The top 20% of players will receive rewards depending on their cumulative point totals.

Users can access the platform by connecting their Metamask wallet—which contains the purchased NFT—and then selecting the tournament they want to participate in.

Additional benefits are available for early adopters, minting during the first tournament will give you eligibility for the next tournament and an airdrop of tokens after the token launch. On top of these benefits, the team will create special giveaways such as the giveaway of tickets for the Champions League Final and events for the first tournament NFT buyers.

The Prize Leaderboard
Each NFT owner will be listed on the tournament's overall leaderboard. Users will receive one or more points after placing their free bets, depending on the kind of prediction they made and how it turned out. Users will be rewarded with $BUSD based on their place on the leaderboard if they are able to scale the rank system by accumulating more points than other users and entering the top 20%.

The first three positions multiply their initial investment by 50, 25, and 12.5 times, respectively, in order to reward the top 20% of participants.

The Referral System
The developers have implemented a very cool referral system, every time somebody purchases a NFT through your link, you receive 20 $BUSD. In this way, you can potentially make thousands of dollars by just sharing your referral link around! Isn’t that nice?

The GoalStar team has great plans and an exciting vision for their future implementations, you can check their roadmap here. We think this project has great potential to reward players who want to have fun and enjoy the great sportsmanship from the Qatar World Cup while betting on their favorite teams!

Project Links
Website - https://goalstar.xyz/
Telegram - https://t.me/GoalStar
Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoalStar_xyz
Whitepaper - https://goal-stars.gitbook.io/untitled/

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Petrache Ionut