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Every day, there are dozens of new P2E games released, but the developers of K4 Rally sought to make something unique. They produced K4 Rally, the first blockchain game fully accessible from your everyday browser, with their 20+ years of top game development expertise and the support of an actual rally car team.

Let's get into this revolutionary game physics, browser based racing game!


While K4 Rally builds on the foundation of NFT-based P2E games, this project is the benchmark for the next era of blockchain gaming. They envisioned a crypto environment that would deliver an experience as close to real-world rally racing and motorsport as possible, while also allowing participants to profit from their efforts. The team designed K4 Rally, which incorporates everything they anticipated and more; it is a true milestone in blockchain gaming's history, using their significant expertise gained at recognized organizations in the sector and their never-ending passion for gaming.

What sets K4 Rally apart?
The developers want to create a gaming ecosystem that stands out and outperforms the competition. K4 Rally achieves its dominance through a variety of unique aspects.
Firstly, K4 Rally is the only blockchain game that is directly backed by a real-life professional racing team, which brings the necessary motorsport know-how to the table, as well as other fascinating additions to the game, such as car design and face-to-face challenges with players.

One of the most significant requirements is a technical background, and we know that K4 Rally confidently checks this box as well. Since the project's inception, a formidable team of world-class developers has worked tirelessly to produce what will soon become the industry's best blockchain game, with unrivaled graphics, gameplay, and overall experience, all nicely powered by the potential of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies.
When it comes to cryptocurrencies, K4 Rally will include not only NFTs, but also $K4R, a custom, traditional crypto token that will unlock a variety of exciting game and ecosystem features.

Holders will also be able to stake their assets in order to increase their profits.

A community driven mentality
Most organizations fail to stay user-centered and do not consider players' perspectives throughout development, according to the K4 Rally team. As a result, they made sure that their engineers actively involved gamers in the development of K4 Rally and relied on their feedback to achieve the best possible result. To top it off, they hooked up with an actual, real-world rally car squad, who assisted them greatly in fine-tuning the mechanics, vehicles, maps, and everything in between.

The K4 Rally team promises one of the first ever engaging P2E crypto games to its customers. While controlling your virtual driver, co-driver, and cars as NFTs, race genuine rally drivers or compete with your peers for $K4R crypto tokens (Non-Fungible Tokens). If you enjoy challenges, enter one of their numerous tournaments or events, aim for the top of the leaderboards, and most importantly, earn while having fun.
The community management team is tirelessly engaged with the users and is holding contests and free token giveaways, NFT airdrops and more on a regular basis.

The $K4R Token
The in-game ecosystem is powered by the main currency, $K4R. The player will require K4R in order to obtain and upgrade his NFTs and ownable in-game assets, as well as to purchase upgrades and consumables, as well as to enter the top tier tournaments, special events, and pvp races. In our pools, the gamer can also use his K4R for staking or supplying liquidity. K4R is the lifeblood of the K4 racing game ecosystem and serves as in-game currency.

The Tokenomics
Tokenomics is actually rather simple and revolves around offering maximum advantage to gamers and the community. They intend to develop a sustainable and growth-focused environment by balancing the diverse play types of arcade mode, NFT gaming, and Play to Earn. Tokens, which serve as in-game currency, are required. So they've incorporated a bunch of mechanics, like adjustable token faucets and sinks, the treasury, farmable in-game assets separated from the game token, which are also represented as NFTs and are tradeable, as well as staking and LP farming, to balance the ecosystem and be able to fine tune it in the future.

Token value and NFT sales will be the only sources of revenue for the development team. In the first 12 months, the private sale, launchpad sale rounds, and NFT Genesis drop will provide liquidity for the game launch and marketing campaigns; after that, it will be financed by selling tokens from the respective wallets and recurring NFT drops. The tokenomics wallets will be used for marketing and development, ensuring that the game will be promoted and developed in the future.
They'll also do monthly NFT drops with limited versions for the community. All K4R revenue, which is generated by gamers using tokens through the in-game economy, will be deposited in the treasury, from whence it will be allocated to wallets for staking, gaming awards, and marketing as needed.

The project will soon finish their Certik audit, on top of that there will be a second audit for the code and contracts and the team is fully doxxed on their company page: https://gawoonimetalabs.com/

Open Beta and your very first Race Car Airdrop
K4 Rally is currently in Open Beta so anybody can join in and play the Time Trial and Practice modes, by filling up This Giveaway Form you will be granted a NFT K4 Rally vehicle to use in the Open Beta as much as you want, it will be yours forever.


We have played the game ourselves and we have placed in the top leaderboards, the MaticNews team is totally backing this project and wants to see more!

Project Links:
Website - https://k4rally.io/
Telegram - https://t.me/k4rally_group
Twitter - https://twitter.com/k4rally
Medium - https://medium.com/@k4rally
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/82kpPPwu2P
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/k4rally/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/k4rally/

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