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LUXY is poised to become the preferred NFT platform for NFT users around the world. LUXY was founded in March of 2021 and has grown to a crew of 19. The platform includes a next-generation Marketplace that provides a new and improved NFT experience.

LUXY is a fast, scalable, green, low-cost, and user-friendly multichain platform that initially launched on the Polygon blockchain on April 21st, 2022. To ensure that the primary notion of decentralisation is upheld, the team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the NFT marketplace employs the most cutting-edge decentralised technologies at every turn.

LUXY offers support for GameFi, 3D models, User-owned Collections, Multiple Royalty Addresses for group projects, direct royalties, all file kinds including Audio, White Label Solutions, a user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX for easy navigation and will include a built-in in NFT Launchpad.

The $LUXY Token
The NFT Marketplace's backbone is the utility token, LUXY. Token holders are eligible for a variety of benefits including early access to NFT drops, reduced marketplace costs and DeFi Staking incentives. The $LUXY token has a supply cap of 100 million tokens and has a deflationary mechanism due to the repurchase and burn system, which will burn 50% of the total supply resulting in a final maximum cap of 50 million tokens.

As well as native network tokens such as Matic, the LUXY Token will be accepted on the LUXY Marketplace to provide access to additional features and benefits. NFT drops, fee discounts, buying and selling NFTs, buying ad space, voting on hot NFTs, voting on suggestions, and white label solutions are just some of the benefits offered to users who utilise the LUXY token on the platform. The standard fee for purchasing and selling on the LUXY platform will be 2%. However, the fee will be decreased to 1% if users accept LUXY as payment. This discount will also apply via a sliding scale and tiered token structure, providing the ability for users to reduce fees even more to as low as 0.25%.

The LUXY Token Tiers are outlined in the graphic below:

In addition to these great features, the LUXY team sought to reward its users by introducing Yield Farming, with APYs of up to 131% which in our opinion is quite attractive and bullish!

The Luxy Team
Two Founders and three Advisors with intimate ties to Syscoin make up the Leadership Team. One Full Stack Developer, four Backend Developers, and two Frontend Developers make up the Development Team. There are also two highly skilled UI/UX designers on the team. A marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manager and a group of Graphic Artists make up the Marketing Team.

LUXY is able to increase its development resources and skills as needed thanks to the close collaboration of their extensive network of partners.

We think LUXY the Balloon Dog NFT Marketplace is a great and most welcome addition to the Polygon ecosystem, the team is dynamic and their community highly engaged, their multichain plans for the future are looking quite grand!

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