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MetaShooter is the world's first blockchain-based hunting metaverse. MetaShooter joins a community of millions of gamers where they may engage in realism-based open-world hunting and create a variety of profitable hobbies. Sharp dynamics and graphics are achieved in MetaShooter thanks to the use of Nvidia and SpeedTree elements built on top of Unreal Engine.

In addition to offering arcade and strategic gaming, the MetaShooter team is working on a high-end blockchain product that targets both Play to Earn and traditional players. MetaShooter intends to pursue widespread adoption and bring real Web 2 players into the blockchain realm. One of the plans is to use MetaShooter's given gameplay modes to teach traditional gamers the advantages of Play to Earn.

MetaShooter will offer its user base a variety of user-focused revenue streams. By creating NFTs, exchanging NFTs, or storing tokens, users will be able to make money.

It's crucial to maintain the current user base, which is why it's intended to constantly add new gameplay features and NFT materials to the platform. The conversation around the kinds of game upgrades and implementations that the play-to-earn community wants to see will be open to token holders.

The team wants to develop a game that connects the crypto and non-crypto worlds. The gaming and hunting industries, which are both significant but niche markets, are what MetaShooter seeks to modernize. By attracting a sizable number of traditional gamers to the cryptocurrency space, they l take a significant step forward, and one of the reasons for this is because they prioritize the players.

The MetaShooter devs are also thinking about creating a mobile application to unlock new revenue prospects.

Earning Model
The player has the option to hunt and can purchase several tools to do so. Players will earn MHUNT token rewards based on the animal rarity, and they can use the hunted NFTs as bait, feed, decorations, and for sale. Players can also finish objectives and challenges to gain rewards, and they can compete in tournaments to win money. Another option is to purchase hunting grounds, construct homes, raise hunting dogs, build towers and earn APR from MetaShooter, among other things. There are several ways to monetize, and these are just a few examples.

Everything is dependent on how well you plan your hunting sessions and how well you play.

What makes MetaShooter a top tier project?
There are various P2E games, yet the most of them share the same aesthetic (they are clickers and have low poly graphics). In addition, many initiatives don't comprehend what the term "Metaverse" actually means. What can be inferred from the research the MetaShooter team conducted before creating this project? By supplying razor-sharp graphics, a logical ecosystem, and usage for the MetaShooter hunting game, MetaShooter will lead the crypto business. To create the most accurate and enjoyable user experience possible, the team behind MetaShooter carefully considered every aspect that would be used in the game. Each resource is used by every participant in the logical ecosystem of MetaShooter's many gameplay styles.

On the blockchain, MetaShooter is creating a legitimate AAA game where gamers can truly play thrilling games and make money, as opposed to just making money as it is currently.

The Token
The MetaShooter (MHUNT) token is a cryptocurrency token that runs on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain and may be exchanged there. This coin will serve as the primary medium of exchange on the MetaShooter platform and as a stand-alone repository of value for investors and gamers.

The MetaShooter (MHUNT) token will provide customers much lower transaction costs when used in NFT trades, purchases, or donations. The MHUNT token is very valuable for the entire platform. In the end, all transactions will be made using MetaShooter tokens, which the company offers in the form of rewards. The MHUNT token will be used for all NFT transactions, including purchases, sales, generation, listing, contributions, rewards, and DAO. As a result, the token volume and supply will remain unchanged.

How to play?
Players occasionally overlook the fact that the entire MetaShooter ecosystem is built on NFTs. The Alpha version as it stands does not require any NFTs. The MetaShooter team wants to promote hunting for the community to give it a try. All NFTs will be required starting with the Beta version, and the Alpha version will only be accessible for a brief period of time.

NFTs are essential in MetaShooter. Both the game's license and the tournament tickets are NFT. You only have to own these things to enjoy the base game but you will need equipment to play with in order to enjoy hunting, competitions, missions and to earn rewards.

Your guns, vehicles, consumables, and extra equipment, all of which are NFTs; can be categorized as equipment. Players are encouraged to advance in the game, get greater rewards, and compete by having better NFT equipment. Players can progress in the game and continue on their path to becoming the top hunter with better NFT gear. A key component of Play to Earn gaming is the opportunity to monetize game resources and earn more through the use of better equipment and commodities.

NFTs are going to be in high demand in MetaShooter. To monetize, advance, and compete in the game, all players will require them. Because there will be only a few better hunting NFTs available, make sure you obtain them first.

Get access to the Alpha
A special NFT called a MetaShooter Alpha key will provide its owner access to a version of the game known only as MetaShooter Alpha.

Along with the potential to make money by taking part in daily and weekly competitions, playing the game will give you the chance to give feedback on how it could be made better in the future.

There are only a few ways to get invited to try out the alpha version of the game. You have two options: stake MHUNT or take part in a marketing campaign in an effort to win an NFT alpha key.


To obtain the NFT alpha key, stake at least 300MHUNT on  for three months.

For a hunting badge and an NFT alpha key, stake at least 6000MHUNT on  for six months. This will get you various perks as well such as marketplace discounts and season ticket discounts.

The Hunting Season Pass is a major thing for a hunter to have. A hunter cannot go hunting without a license, just like in real life. Every player needs to purchase it in order to play and earn from hunting.

A Hunter season pass will allow you to access the MetaShooter hunting season, challenges, missions, and more.

Our experience with MetaShooter
We had the opportunity to play the game ourselves, and we can say we are more than impressed. For a game in early stages of development the graphics are outstanding, they are smooth, crisp and realistic. We love how the foliage moves with the wind and how detailed the guns look.

Additionally while we were shooting birds, we noticed the developers implemented a super realistic bullet drop mechanic to the game. As a long-time First Person Shooter player myself who has played games like Call of Duty and Battlefield for thousands of hours, I can say this game has insane potential and the gunplay is rivaling AAA studios for sure.

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