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Using P2P and Web3 software called Holochain, Neighbourhoods is a platform for groupware (any software groups use to connect with each other, share information, ideas, memories, and goods, and coordinate their actions)  that enables communities to develop and choose unique cultural patterns. The Social Sensemaker, a unique piece of software that implements and computes a group's unique metrics, reactions to media objects, and ways of recognizing one other, is at the centre of each neighbourhood.

Individuals acquire a more expressive symbolic language, and groups have the opportunity to share emphasis on what matters. This means that groups can engage and make meaning of such interactions on their own terms. A meme channel has distinct expressive demands than a scientific research group, and both of these want different measures from the dating scene. Perhaps your team combines some of these strategies and wants to better separate various tasks without utilizing three different platforms for coordination.

In order to facilitate group interactions and make personal credibility portable, The Social Sensemaker also verifies data and shares it between neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhoods deployed their $NHT Token on the Ethereum and Matic Networks in December 2021. It is available for trading on various DEXs but also on the MEXC Global exchange.

A different measure of social cohesion?
Neighborhoods dissociate the fundamental tools that online networks need to run from the invisible architectures that give platforms their distinct flavours (visibility, virality, reputation measures). Context-driven, scale-sensitive usage of social data is made possible by this decoupling. When networks cross a critical threshold and it becomes less obvious whether, for example, a member of a 1,000 person group is a reliable person with whom to share home repair tools or a ride across the city, enhanced recording and scoring become useful. For example, reputation scores are not required when sharing events or memes with a small, close-knit group of close friends.

Neighbourhoods enable decentralized versions of today’s popular web apps withoutthe scaling limitations of traditional blockchains, the centralized algorithms that do the heavy lifting and the unreasonable requirements for venture capital, owing to the alternative funding and business models typical of the dWeb space.

Groups can organize themselves through neighborhoods. Generic social apps like docs, chats, forums, and feeds can be chosen and bundled by community activators. Once chosen, things really start to improve. Activators can alter the appearance of generic tools and widgets with colors, styles, and skins as well as their functionality with tagging, reputation, and ranking algorithms. This customisation functions as a complete, intentional design of group cultural behaviors when taken as a whole.

What is Social Sense-making?
Social sense-making has two social aspects. It first relates to the social sphere. Orienting oneself to people, places, scenarios, and representations is what it entails. The latter must be defined in some way for this orientation to take place.

Second, it is a social process, which means that members of a social group may articulate it and/or see it. Whether they are aware of it or not, people utilize their objectives, aims, and wants to interpret the social world for themselves. The group must have a clear, articulable set of shared interests, objectives, or values for social sense-making to be a group activity as opposed to an individual one.

As a result, when sense-making is pursued by groups as a shared activity, these interests, objectives, and values are developed, becoming more honed and practicable as a result.

The Token
Since NH-Credits serve as the Low-Code Marketplace's accounting system, $NHTs act as a bridge between the crypto markets and NH-Credits, generating liquidity and facilitating the transfer of value within the market. The primary function of $NHT is this. Therefore, $NHT will always be convertible into NH-Credits.
The neighbourhoods network's underlying coding architecture will also be developed with the help of $NHT, which will also act as a fundraising mechanism and a source of liquidity for the initiative in the years to come. It has been purposefully created as a straightforward, fixed supply of tokens that serve as a "in" and "exit" to the Neighbourhoods network.

$NHT is initially set to be an ERC-20 token, but it will be swapped to the equivalent Holochain standard once it will be possible. The max supply is 30 billion tokens with 10 billions as circulating
A multi-year, iterative process between the team and community members resulted in the development of Neighbourhoods' reputation exchange, scaffolding, and low-code marketplace. This project has also received private funding from a few members of the community in exchange for discounted $NHT.

We think this is a revolutionary structure and an ambitious project that sets the tone for the Decentralized Web social integration through a unique point of view.

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