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Nova Creed is an expansive play-and-earn universe built on the Polygon Blockchain.

Nova Creed is a collection of games that are linked together. As the roadmap progresses, more will be added. Their series of games, which include PVE, PVP, and turn-based strategy, are entertaining, engaging, and intertwined into the Nova Creed narrative.

Acquire FUEL in their interactive arcade shooter before sending your spaceships on missions to collect components. Prepare for combat and fight head to head with other players in their upcoming turn-based strategy game, Fleet Wars, or prepare for battle and go head to head with other players in the PVP mode, which will be introduced soon. Building new ships and breeding your avatars are two of the most important things you can do to advance in the game.
It's your mission to collect, trade, or build the ultimate fleet, with 18 different ship designs and each one having its own set of stats. These are also magnificent artworks developed and created by the same mind who planned and built the Battlestar Galactica spaceships!

The Token
The ICE token is the native token of the Nova Creed universe, and it is used for governance, prizes, and in-game functionality. You can STAKE it on the Nova Creed website for up to 147% APY.
ICE is now trading on Quickswap

NFT and Play to Earn mechanics
You'll need ship components to enhance your ships or build new ones. Sending your ships on missions successfully will allow you to collect ship components such as metal and more, which will be introduced soon by the development team. These can be used to construct or upgrade new ships!
The more difficult the mission, the less likely you are to succeed. Ships with better performance have a considerably better chance of winning. All of your ship's stats are taken into account during missions.

Boss Enemies
After a successful test weekend with the Boss Enemies, the team has decided to take feedback and suggestions and implement it through a patch.
The Boss Enemies are now better and improved with some tweaks such as they have been made a bit weaker, so it is now easier to defeat. They will now respawn automatically but if you kill them, there will be a longer period before they re-appear, although you can boost the respawn rate at the base.

A showcase of the Boss Enemies:


The Team
From tech pioneers to NFT aficionados and the CEO of a large UK firm, there's something for everyone. Nova Creed's development team has a wealth of experience.

What was it that drew them together? They collect everything from NFTs to vinyls, selvedge denim, trading cards and more. A comprehension and appreciation of the 'experience' comes from a lifetime of collecting. While some may never understand, they have experienced the delight of collecting and are dedicated to bringing an Edge of quality and joy to every aspect of their NFT universe.

They're also collaborating with third-party teams, including tech geniuses, battle-tested game developers, and their renowned artist Luella Jane, to help bring their vision to life. Her abilities and talents have been vital in generating the blue chip experience they are committed to for their business, thanks to her significant experience in illustration and outstanding talent in drawing.

Over the last 15 years, this designer has worked on projects such as Jurassic World and with companies such as Activision and Codemasters. He is specialized in producing 3D experiences for the gaming and film industries and has worked on a number of AAA titles and new IPs.

You can check the NovaCreed NFT Collections right here:

The NovaCreed team is currently holding a Twitter competition where you can gain 1 Avatar and 20,000 $ICE if you share this article and tagging @novacreednft, head over to Twitter and join the contest!

We think this project has great potential, from the AAA designers to the enthousiasm and community engagement of the team, their spaceship will surely solar-sail for a long time to come!

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