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Late 2021, OwlDAO approved the introduction of $OWL, the official project governance token, with a 500 million total supply. The token was first deployed on BSC, and then the Owl.Games Bridge was used to connect it to Polygon and Fantom. On September 7th, 2021, $OWL was made available to the public through the IDO distributed via their Token Generation Event (TGE).
The token allocation was as following:

$OWL use cases are numerous and thoroughly thought out, the $OWL token is an important part of the community. The team pledged that 0.2% of Total Volume would go into the token itself, to build the Owl ecosystem. This contribution is going towards buybacks and sponsoring OWL staking pools every month, the token is also cross chain so users can freely bridge it directly from the OWL Game website. All $OWL transfer fees (10%) are used to provide liquidity automatically thus the token serves to create a thriving ecosystem for all players and partners.

To this point the team behind OwlDao spent over 515,000$ to buy-back and burn $OWL.

What makes OwlDao and $OWL so good?
We’re just so excited that we can show you the chart of $OWL and have it just make sense in the most positive way.

During these trying market times, the OwlDao team is hard at work to manage partnerships, getting listed on new exchanges (such as MEXC), creating new connections, implementing a ton of features and games on their platform while engaging and rewarding their community with all sorts of activities and promotions.

If we were to pick a favorite feature of Owl Games (it would be hard to pick one, there are just too many good things) most surely we LOVE the Daily Tasks and Reward systems, they are so flawlessly implemented into the platform that they just keep you playing in order to get that next level on your profile.

But this is not all, OwlGames has hundreds of playable games implemented seamlessly at the click of a button.

The OwlDao Blog
We have been pleasantly surprised when the team announced their blog in February and have been following it ever since. Not only is it a great source for new Casino Games tutorials, but they post all the new information and announcements about their plans but also about upcoming features.

A recipe for success
OwlDao is ever evolving and constantly trying to please the community, the positive growth since December 2021 is a clear indicator that Owl users are supporting this project with a great passion and that it goes without saying, both ways!

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