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WARP is a multi-chain GameFi project with a comprehensive ecosystem. WARP integrates a variety of elements into a sci-fi metaverse with built-in multi-chain interactions through the WARPGATE including an internal NFT marketplace based on OpenSea, an online multiplayer arcade battle built in Unity, a turn-based blockchain strategy game, and more.

With years of experience and more than four consecutive audits by Halborn, Certik, Solidity Finance, and Halborn, WARP is developed by a highly experienced development team.

The great WARP Team

What makes WARP unique?
The Season 1 of WARP was introduced as an OHM fork with a twist, including constructible starships and a number of staking pools, with new features coming in subsequent seasons. Community Factions and Starship Fights are introduced in Season 2 and a whole overhaul of the Tokenomics in order to ensure a viable long term community for the next years to come.

The WARP Team has been working hard in order to optimize and create a bountiful ecosystem where everyone can earn revenue while fully taking advantage of the Blockchain technology through Play to Earn.

Season 2 will introduce a fully deflationary tokenomics system with fixed supply, an innovative WEB2.5 architecture where players from all chains can interact with each other seamlessly.
New game modes such as PVE and PVP, Idle Gameplay, Racing, Quests through Expeditions, Mini Games through the Arcade, Tournaments featuring Guild Wars and Space Lore interactivity.

The Roadmap plans for Seasonal content updates which will improve WARP over a long period of time and allow users to keep playing indefinitely.

Partners - An important aspect of the Warp Ecosystem
The WARP Team believes that community and partnerships are the most important aspect for the success of the ecosystem as a whole. As such they are always looking for new opportunities and alliances to strengthen one another and help build cohesive and pleasant cooperatives between projects.

An ever growing list of current WARP Partners.

Season 2 Presale and Whitelisting
As the Season 2 of WARP Game is close to launch, the team has communicated all the information about the Presale and Whitelisting process.
The Starships come in a limited supply of 10,000 thus making them incredibly valuable and up for grabs as soon as possible.

Currently people can gain a Whitelist spot from the numerous contests held by the WARP Team on Twitter where they are offering up to 3 Whitelist spots every day, with more promotions and bonus giveaways coming in the following weeks.

We highly encourage everyone to keep an eye open on the upcoming competitions, announced on both Twitter and Discord!

Captains who currently own and HOLD a Starship from Season 1 will be whitelisted by opening a Ticket on their Official Discord and asking for a spot! (So basically you could still get a guaranteed whitelist spot if you buy a Starship from the NFT Marketplace)

In typical WARP fashion, going above and beyond is what they do every step of the way. The legendary Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek himself has pitched in to support this project with a heartwarming message to all the captains out there navigating space and time!

The WARP Development Team has been building together with the community to deliver one of the best NFT Play to Earn projects in the whole ecosystem at the moment. Cleverly designed with an art style surpassing industry standards, the WARP GameFI is innovating every step of the way.


Project Links:
Website - https://warp.game/
Discord - https://discord.gg/warpbond
Twitter - https://twitter.com/warpbond
Telegram - https://t.me/warpbond
Gitbook - https://warp-bonds.gitbook.io/

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