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By Petrache Ionut Jun 9, 2022


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We are excited to introduce an amazing P2E project that launched on the Polygon blockchain, Underworld Weirdos is a community-driven collection of 9.9k randomly created NFTs. They have decided to enlist the help of the most fantastic weirdos from all over the world to rule the Metaverse. They will give everyone in their crazy clan the best and most amazing experience they can with a true roadmap and realistic plans.
Oh, and they are just getting started!

The Underworld Weirdos in all their cheeky splendour.

The Underworld Weirdos are a collection of NFTs containing a mix of DEVILS and SKELETONS when you mint these ERC-721 tokens at random.

The main utility available for the NFTs is staking them to gain the Unvaluable Weird Unit ($UWU) token, free NFTs for the holders and community, art unlike any other Polygon project, and a staking idle game, Sinners Playground which is coming soon, where you will be one of the Big Bad Bosses of the underworld! You can try your hand at being a devil dictator by expanding your sinner circles, acquiring different kinds of sinner weirdos, and improving the production process while earning real revenue.
The Underworld Weirdo token, the Unvaluable Weird Unit ($UWU) has seen a tremendous success, in less than 5 days the price action moved from 0.003 MATIC per token to 0.014 MATIC per token.
The afferent liquidity pool value shot from 1800 MATIC to almost 8000!
You can check a detailed graph and pair analysis right HERE

The minting begins today!

The second mint is due today at 10AM EST for all of you interested in acquiring these outstanding NFTs, but be swift as the limited supply of only 3333 NFTs will surely be snatched by the most avid weirdos!
Head over to https://twitter.com/WeirdosNFT for all the juicy details!


The developers of Underworld Weirdos are massively engaged with the community on their socials and are offering prizes in form of purchaseable Lootboxes containing over 4000 $MATIC and over 200.000 $UWU in value per month.
Every month they release 2000 Lootboxes that contain random prizes such as $UWU, $MATIC, NFTs from other collections, upgrades for your NFTs and more Weirdos, they can be bought for $UWU the main Token of the project.

This project is quite promising as it has a unique art style with a utility twist where staking brings you daily tokens cumulative with how many NFTs you have currently staked. The roadmap is very promising with the main attraction being the upcoming Idle Game where you take the role of a Badass Evil Boss, here is an in-depth guide of how to set up the game once it has launched;

Sinners Playground is a play-to-earn simulator based on the hellish economic concept – experience the thrill of being one of the Big Bad Bosses! You can try your hand at being a devil dictator by expanding your sinner circles, acquiring different kinds of sinner weirdos, and improving the production process while earning real money.

To begin playing, open your browser and go to https://sinnersplayground.com/ (be sure to use https:// for a secure connection) – you must have Metamask installed and connected to the Polygon Network. You'll need to send UWU coins and MATIC for fees to your wallet from another account or cryptocurrency exchange - keep in mind that you may buy UWU on the Quickswap dex!

Souls can be earned from sinners or purchased with UWU. It's used to acquire new sinners, establish new hell circles, and expand your hell. Only your sinners are responsible for your sins. Sins are extremely precious; they can be used to replace souls in the event of a scarcity, and they can also be utilized to increase production quality.

They can also be freely converted into UWU.

To begin, you must first purchase the Sins, which are required to purchase sinners and open the infernal rings. After hitting the Top up button, you can purchase sinful proseeds.
Then, in the dialog window, input the quantity of UWU coins you want to trade for souls to be added to your balance (it will show you how many souls you'll get in return), click the Top up button, and complete the transaction in Metamask.

Sinners Playground is a play-to-earn simulator with an intriguing economic model of hell as we had mentioned before, in which you must expand your sinner circles by acquiring different kinds of sinner weirdos and upgrading the production process while earning revenue. Each circle has its own set of prerequisites for unlocking, such as a particular number of weirdos and a soul sacrifice – higher the cost, higher the reward.

An in game screenshot of some WEIRD evil stuff happening.

The rest of the game you should discover by yourself! Keep in mind it has not been yet released to the public and you should follow the Underworld Weirdos socials for updates!

Project Links:
Website - https://underworldweirdos.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WeirdosNFT
Discord - https://discord.gg/becomeaweirdo
Mint Dapp - https://mint.underworldweirdos.com/
Staking - https://stake.underworldweirdos.com/
Medium - https://medium.com/@underworldweirdos
OpenSea - https://opensea.io/collection/underworldweirdosog
Rarity Rank - https://ranknft.io/collection/underworldweirdosog

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Petrache Ionut