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WOWMAX is a next-generation DEX aggregation system that takes advantage of slippage as a source of further optimization.

Multihop aggregation and same block arbitrage of indirect pairs are used to create trading value.

The WOWMAX exchange protocol improves on the following essential elements of the two existing DeFi protocols:
- Uniswap V2 Multihop feature
- 1Inch.Exchange Aggregation feature

The WOWmax revolutionary system creates and captures arbitrage opportunities for assets traded both against ETH and stablecoins in a single aggregation transaction.
You can access the protocol at:

How does it work?
Using slippage as an additional source of optimisation, when somebody buys a large amount of ETH via DEXs she or he will move the price of Ethereum. For example, if you buy ETH for 50$ million, the price impact on Uniswap will be around 7% and the price impact on 1Inch will be over 3.7%.
Price impact means that you buy ETH more expensive than the current market price, the final impact on ETH price will be even bigger. After this 50$ million transaction, ETH will appreciate 10% on Uniswap or by 5% on all DEXs if the transaction goes via 1Inch.
When ETH price goes up, all tokens traded in direct pairs with ETH will appreciate automatically, however same tokens in pairs with USDC, DAI, USDT and other stable coins, won’t change their price.
This creates an arbitrage opportunity that WOWmax captures, to extract more value for traders. In a single aggregation transaction, WOWmax splits a large ETH amount among several DEXs to maximize purchased amount and also performs an arbitrage by buying altcoins from pairs with stable coins and selling them to pairs with ETHEREUM.

WUT token Information
The WUT token will be used in WOWmax exchange protocol and in WOWswap protocol on Solana.

Public pre-sale (2 day auction) for the $WUT token:

Public pre-sale (2 day auction) for the $WUT token:
Starts June 14th | 8:30 AM CDT (UTC - 5)
$WUT sale smart contract allows both deposit and withdrawal of USDC (ERC-20).
Starts June 15th | 8:30 AM CDT (UTC - 5)
$WUT sale smart contract allows only withdrawals of USDC

The WOWmax Team
The team currently consists of 20 people, including senior solidity, rust and react developers, marketing and technical specialists and DeFi researchers.
The founder and CEO (@wowdegen on Telegram) joined crypto in 2017 and became a DeFi researcher and investor in early 2019.
His previous experience includes 18 years of corporate and entrepreneurship, including a variety of business development, consulting and executive roles at BP, Merrill Lynch, Booz and Co and several start-ups. He also holds MSc with Distinction in Information Systems from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an MBA from INSEAD.

Ongoing Project WOWswap
WOWswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange leveraged trading technology that has launched one year ago and is operated by the community. Individual liquidity providers administer common liquidity pools using WOWswap's smart-contracts, and traders use these money to finance leveraged deals on decentralized AMMs like Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

WOWswap further democratizes leveraged trading by giving the community complete control. Liquidity providers can develop and administer common liquidity pools using the WOW protocol, and traders can borrow these funds for leveraged trades using the WOW token holders' collectively defined rules.
Head to if you are curious about the project!

We think this project has great potential in helping traders and investors go beyond that extra mile when exchanging tokens, their target gains will be optimised greatly while creating opportunities for increased profits.

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