Someone was recently asked to define Web3 in one word. Their response was simply, “LOVE.” When working with OnePlanet, not only do projects feel the security of working with a high-level group; they also sense the genuine care and concern that exudes from the team.


Former Terra Projects Officially Land on OnePlanet

Polygon Studios called it “a monumental day.”  Inch Jeong, Business Development Lead for OnePlanet, pulled no punches when he spoke about it. “I think this is the landmark day. I will remember this day as a great starting point of something even greater.” What was so important about this particular day that it evoked verbiage such asmonumental and landmark?

The special day referenced was the much-anticipated official opening of the OnePlanet NFT marketplace, highlighted by the migration of 60 projects that were formerly on the Terra blockchain. After the tragedy that struck the Terra community back in May, a number of promising projects were left in need of a home. Polygon acted quickly, establishing the Terra Developer Fund and partnered with OnePlanet, choosing them to become a dedicated marketplace for all migrating Terra NFT projects to the Polygon ecosystem.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022, is a day that will never be forgotten by Polygon People. After three months of working literally around the clock, the OnePlanet team and the numerous projects involved in the migration were finally able to pause and have a moment of celebration for the successful launch of this cutting-edge marketplace. A Twitter Space was scheduled, and an audience of almost 500 tuned in to reflect on the towering mountain they had successfully scaled. Like a climber who had conquered Everest, it was time to take a moment to reflect and give thanks. The mood in the Space was festive, and this was a day and meeting that will forever be etched in the memories of those in attendance.

Mikachip.eth, founder and technical lead of DystopAI (@dystopAI_NFT), spoke glowingly about the tireless efforts of the OnePlanet team to make this dream become a reality. “Ithink we all owe a massive congratulations to the OnePlanet team, as they have put in such an enormous amount of work to make today happen. We have only seen a little bit of their work, but we know how much it has been. This is the day we’ve all been waiting for.”

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios, was on hand to celebrate this landmark day and also field questions about the exciting future of NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. “It's like a culmination of all this hard work that these teams have gone through. I think about the projects and what they've had to face in the last couple of months and pivoting over. I think of the OnePlanet team and how they're really getting ready to take on the OpenSeas and the Magic Edens of the marketplace, and I'm just excited. Having OnePlanet coming in and being this great representative, and Polygon having these great projects… it's been awesome to see it kind of all culminate together.”

Wyatt was asked about the thought processes involved in Polygon’s initial selection of OnePlanet to launch the NFT marketplace. “Where I got fixated on them at first was just looking at how they were working with Derby Stars and some of the initial mint. And what they were doing with that project is what first caught my eye. I really liked how they were working with them. OnePlanet was this opportunity to say ‘OK, how do you work with Polygon and how can we create a unique partnership and relationship that really helps developers and projects thrive on the platform.’Another big one for me was … there's a lot we could do together to actually drive a much more meaningful and deeper partnership.”

“So, there was a lot of factors that go into working with that team. Our teams have just genuinely gotten along well. And I'll tell you, you can only put so much on paper and a contract when it comes to how people work together. A lot of it goes down to the actual relationship,wanting to help each other be successful, and so much of that is impossible to write into partnerships. It has to come more naturally,and I felt that was a very noticeable thing in our relationship with them from day one that we felt like this was a company that we could go deep with and that would be beneficial to the projects that are on Polygon. I put a lot of value in the actual underlyingfactors like personal relationships … at the end of the day, that's what allows people to go deeper in this space.”

According to Wyatt, the projects that launched this week are already reaping the rewards of Polygon’s partnership with OnePlanet. “The net beneficiaries are projects that build on the platform. They feel like they have this opportunity to stand out. They feel like they're working on a product that is built specifically for them,rather than just plugging into something.”

OnePlanet was asked for their short and long-term plans. Amy (@amy_oneplanet), Lead Business Strategy, spoke about the project’s roadmap. “Our short-term goal is to become the best-in-class, user-oriented marketplace. So the most basic thing but importantly they could trade Polygon NFTs with MATIC on our marketplace, which surprisingly isn't supported by a lot of competitors out there. We are confident in becoming the #1 marketplace on Polygon.”

“From a longer-term perspective, if we take a few steps further into the future, we would like to build the best NFT platform, which is not just limited to marketplace. Alongside this, we also want to build the best NFTcommunity. We'll be offering a one-stop shop for NFT's that helps create and maximize the value of an NFT throughout its life cycle, so to say it will be a platform encompassing not only a marketplace and launchpad but an infrastructure where holders or builders can define and realize those values.”

Wyatt was asked about his vision for the NFT ecosystem on Polygon and responded with great excitement about future prospects for the emerging NFT market. “It's constantly expanding, right? We're spending time from everything from PFP projects to gaming to music to entertainment. We really are starting to see a lot of different use cases rolling in, as people start to get smarter. You know, it's really starting to evolve, right?”

“I think there's a handful of things that we're really focused on. How do we bring big Web 2companies in the space, bring them along? I think that's really critical. How do we make sure we always stay true to ourselves … that we work really closely with developers? I see the Terra Developer Fund as one of those opportunities, and now seeing these teams come to fruition and actually launch and find success is really key.”

Mikachip.eth echoed Wyatt’s thoughts about the importance of the incredible people who work on the OnePlanet team. “We've worked super deeply with OnePlanetfor a long time actually. We met the team back on Terra, and we’re super impressed by not only the product they've been building, but the people on their team and the values of their company that we knew instantly were people that we would be very, very proud to work with. We are a big, big fan of the team, and it's been really exciting watching them go from strength to strength and pull off something so great with the Polygon migration.”

Who are these people at OnePlanet about whom everyone keeps raving? Pryce (CEO), Sam (Head of Business), NK (Head of Finance), Jade (Head of Development), YS (Marketing Lead), Edwin (Community Manager), Amy, and Inch make up the core team, and they are supported by a highly skilled, efficient team. What sets them apart from the rest is that not only is OnePlanet a great project, but they are also led by great people.

Someone was recently asked to define Web3 in one word. Their response was simply, “LOVE.” When working with OnePlanet, not only do projects feel the security of working with a high-level group; they also sense the genuine care and concern that exudes from the team.

Berserker (@EthBerserker), co-founder of Rekt Wolf, spoke about his project’s appreciation for OnePlanet. “Initially, we did not envision migrating on Polygon. We wondered what the upside of it was. After chatting with them, we were so impressed with the OnePlanet vision, and what they had in the pipeline as well. And we think it's going to be a leading marketplace on Polygon, something that's really needed. In this space where everything is so decentralized and prone to rugs, there are adopting a different approach…where you have that security of minting something that you think is going to do actually well and that the founders are actually going to be executing on the roadmap. So we were super impressed with the team. We knew them from Terra. We really, really loved working with them.”

Where were you on 6 September 2022? On that day, I’m glad I was able to be in a special Twitter Space and celebrate a landmark day for OnePlanet and the entire Polygon ecosystem.

Written By

The Matic Man

Sep 8, 2022