With the plethora of NFT sets already in existence, Daniel Pinto commented on what will make Rabid stand out in the crowd.


Rabid DAO Launching Innovative Sports Platform

What do surfing, skateboarding, BMX, and snowboarding all have in common? These extreme sports are all featured on Rabid DAO, an exciting new platform that taps into the world’s insatiable appetite for sports.

What is Rabid DAO? João Borges, Head of Marketing, spoke about the mission of this new entry into the Polygon ecosystem. Borges said that Rabid DAO is “Adrenaline made for Blockchain.” He expanded further on their goals.

“Rabid DAO aims to connect the Blockchain to the World of Extreme Sports, creating a decentralized ecosystem, where the members of its community can earn passive income, have access to different benefits and utilities, participate in decisions about treasury allocations of the DAO, and vote on proposals to decide its future path. So, our goal for the first year is to bring the extreme sports and crypto community, together, into our DAO, showing all its advantages, and involving them, in what we want it to be, the biggest decentralized platform dedicated to extreme sports.”

Extreme sports, also known as action sports or alternative sports, are a rapidly growing industry. These sporting events, in contrast to mainstream sports, are characterized by high speeds and high risk. What began as a fringe element in the sporting world has evolved into a multimillion-dollar business, thrust into the spotlight by the launch of the X Games and the Extreme Sports Channel. For those who like exhilarating, breakneck, thrill-a-minute action, extreme sports have been just what the doctor ordered.

Just listening to the Rabid core team discuss their platform is enough to get your blood pumping, as their enthusiasm for this project is contagious. Rui Lagos, Co-Founder and Head of Blockchain Project management, spoke about Rabid. “Bringing blockchain and the extreme sports world together has been a unique experience. Rabid DAO is the most exciting thing that I’ve been building for my entire life.”

Daniel Pinto, Co-Founder and Head of Design and Creative Management, is equally passionate about this undertaking. “This project became my dream and the dream of many. Working in a team with people I have always admired makes this journey a walk in the park, or better yet, another ride at the skatepark.”

Rabid will be the first bookmaker fully dedicated to extreme sports. Another unique component of the platform is that it will be the first to retain 0% of user losses on games. Rabid will return a percentage to Rabid NFT holders and the remainder will be used to fund social projects around the world.

The Roadmap

Miguel Pinto, Co-Founder, Head of Community and Partnerships Management, spoke about the progress the project has made as it prepares to launch.

“We have already accomplished some of the main mileposts of our roadmap, such as closing the six athletes of the first pre-sale, the whole process of establishing the Core Team, the development team, the marketing team, and even the launch of our first landing page and social networks. Right now, we are finishing the testnet of our platform and native wallet, along with our marketplace.

During this third quarter of the year, we will deploy the platform with a new website, launch the first airdrops, strengthen the growth of the Rabid community, and finally, make the first Rabid presale with the partnership of six athletes with 2550 NFTs each to be minted. In the last quarter of the year, we intend to make our DEX available on the platform and launch the $RABID coin, start the first social interventions with the NGOs, make the second sale of packs of NFTs from six more athletes, and finish the year with the launch of our crypto casino that will start to generate passive income to the NFT's holders.

At the beginning of 2023, we intend to start the first bets on extreme sports championships, launch the DAO and start applying the voting system, make the third sale of NFTs of six more athletes, and start the first construction at a location in need of support chosen by the community.”

Rabid NFTs

With the plethora of NFT sets already in existence, Daniel Pinto commented on what will make Rabid stand out in the crowd.

“Holding a Rabid NFT, will not only be about owning an art collectible. It will also mean being a member of the DAO and participating in its governance. The holders will have the right to vote on proposals, which can be submitted to change some protocol parameters, add athletes or new extreme sports to the platform, and decide future development in general, depending on the collectible category.About the profits generated through the decentralized betting platform and casino, 60% will go to the NFT holders. Besides passive income, holders will also have access to limited merchandise.The Rabid universe also wants to help many NGOs chosen by the community and sponsor various social interventions around the world with the other 40% of the casino and betting house earnings. Thus, Rabid DAO will have the first blockchain platform for donations to NGOs without intermediaries.  Finally, the athletes will receive 30% of the pre-sale value, 2% royalty for each subsequent sale, and they will also receive their unique Foil NFT from their collection, giving them more rights and independence from sponsorships

NFTS of Skateboard Sensation Gustavo Ribeiro

Attracting New Collectors

Rabid has designed their platform to attract new collectors. Miguel Pinto detailed the distinctives of Rabid NFTs.

“The total number of NFTsof Rabid athletes will be 2551 each. To regulate excessive multiplication, one of the main milestones of the road map of the construction of the DAO  will be to develop burn mechanisms and evolve rarity by burn ratios, controlling the amount in circulation. Rabid will provide a way for its community to earn passive income while doing what they love.”

Pinto also pointed to the voting power and governance of the DAO, airdrops of merchandise, special events/tournament passes, closer interaction with other members of the extreme sports community and athletes, the ERC-1155 token, which gives users the possibility to save on gas fees, a secure and transparent platform, and a foundation created by Rabid to support the athletes and former athletes who need medical care as motivating factors to draw collectors to Rabid NFTs.

Rabid Marketplace

Rabid DAO will have its own marketplace, allowing users to create an account and a native wallet or connect to MetaMask and other wallets. Rabid will also make it possible to bridge the NFTS to other marketplaces, although some of the benefits of the DAO could be lost.

Rabid is also exploring other marketplaces as well for their unique NFTs.

Picking Polygon

Lagos spoke about why Rabid picked the Polygon platform. “We know that a fast, effective, and appropriate response is critical. This is why we chose Polygon, not only for the security it offers but also for the low fees and fast transactions. We built the project on the Polygon network because users are charged almost zero gas fees and it has a high speed compared to other networks. Launched to fill some of Ethereum's shortcomings, Polygon is outperforming and weathering up. The multi-chain system combines the best of Ethereum's network effects with aspects of sovereign blockchains into an attractive feature set.”

Lagos and the entire Rabid team are appreciative of the opportunity to join the Polygon ecosystem. “We would like to thank Sandeep for all his work so far, creating conditions for the growth of the Polygon community and so many incredible projects. We would love it if he can tell us what he thinks about the whole Rabid DAO solution, and what he thinks about what Rabid offers to its community.”

When Sandeep is able to carve out a little time in his incredibly busy schedule to learn more about this platform, it’s a safe bet that he will become a Rabid fan.

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The Matic Man

Jul 29, 2022