EQ summarized his passion for Polygon with these words. “If we want to be successful in the crypto landscape moving forward, we want to be where the top players are building.”

A Universe for All

Meta Mystic Superheroes Usher in Inclusiverse

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's … the Meta Mystic Superheroes!

The Meta Mystic Superheroes (MM) are a rare breed of interdimensional superheroes who aim to bring peace and love to the Metaverse. While this collection of superheroes may look slightly different than the stereotypical hulking, musclebound defenders of the universe, they are equally as effective in their mission to restore tranquility to a troubled universe.

The Dynamic Duo
Amazingly, this project that has built a large community and an incredible roadmap in a short time consists of a team of two. These co-founders have blended their unique skills to create an immersive universe that has created quite a buzz in the NFT space.

Meta Mystic Sammy (aka NFT Sammy) is not only the co-founder but also the CEO and the creative talent behind the signature art of the Meta Mystic Superheroes. Sammy, one of the leading women of Web3, is also the co-founder of Web3Me and the Alchemy Trading Group.

When asked to describe his effervescent co-founder, EQ (@AlchemyMeta) was effusive in his praise. “Sammy has no limitations when it comes to creativity. Her magical imagination and connection to spirituality have made this project one of a kind. She truly has an incredible set of skills and innovative ideas to make anything possible.”

EQ started this journey with Sammy, acting as the CTO and spearheading the technical side of the project. He is the co-founder of Alchemy Trading Group and has used this platform to transmit his expert trading skills to hundreds of students. Sammy is thankful for the partnership she has with EQ, who also co-founded Web3Me. “He has truly made this vision a success with all of his market knowledge.”

The Meta Mystic Mission
The goal of the MM goes far beyond simply creating beautiful art; the project, according to Sammy, was created with altruistic motives. “There are 11 Non-Binary Superheroes, here to spread love and protect the Metaverse! Achievement NFTs with spirituality. Meta Mystic Superheroes revolve around creating meaningful and educational experiences. They are cosmic multi-dimensional beings with magical minds that represent freedom of choice, self-expression, and divine community.”

“Our Mission is to create and educate an inclusive ecosystem of amazing Meta Mystic Superheroes with staking opportunities,” EQ commented. “Experience Education in a new way! Our Vision is a digital Inclusiverse where people globally collect and come together with their Meta Mystic Superheroes to earn, live, and spread consciousness.”

Significant Progress
Although the project is officially only a few months old, the co-founders have worked tirelessly for eight months. Sammy is excited about the progress that has already been made. “We started by kicking it off with a private mint. The staking was deployed and tested with the alpha holders. We are now approaching our Official Public Mint on September 30th. Everyone will be able to mint and immediately stake their NFTs to earn $MYSTC token rewards. These tokens can be redeemed in our Prize Shop for Meta Mystic Swag that includes hats, T-shirts, water bottles, Puzzles, and even lifetime access to the Alchemy Trading Group. The community will vote on a nonprofit to donate a portion of mint revenue to. The final major mileposts will be the development of the P2E game as well as our Inclusiverse (Meta Mystic Metaverse).”

COVID Couldn’t Stop Them
In addition to battling the Bear market that has slowed the growth of many NFT projects, Sammy and EQ were confronted with COVID as they approached their private mint in July. “Both EQ and I had to take turns making sure everything was running smoothly,” recalled Sammy. “Our amazing team of Moderators and Rangers really stepped up when we needed them. They helped make our Private Mint such a success.”

Polygon People
When asked why their project choose to launch on Polygon, EQ articulated a myriad of reasons. “The possibilities are endless when you are talking about Polygon! To start, I wanted to build on the foundational level of the blockchain. That is EVM, or the Ethereum Virtual Machine. We did not want to build on Eth though, because of their issues, primarily with scaling.”

“Upon doing a lot of research of Polygon, it became apparent that if we were going to build through EVM, we should build on the top scaling solution that is aiming to solve the biggest problem for Ethereum, scaling. As more users and more devs jump on the network, the gas prices go up. The merge to POS does nothing to help gas prices, so Polygon is still needed as a ZKrollup solution to assist ETH in processing transactions while maintaining price and speed. Then there’s the massive list of partnerships including but not limited to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook Meta, Disney, Starbucks, and so many more. Polygon also made the push to carbon-neutral, pushing to carbon negative by 2023, which solves a lot of the ‘crypto is bad for the environment’ issues.”

Polygon has ramped up their efforts during this bear market, investing enormous amounts of capital in cutting-edge technology, a fact that is not lost on EQ. “Polygon took a billion-dollar gamble with zkEVM and that will pay off significantly moving forward as the primary scaling solution for Ethereum. Polygon has done an incredible job growing during the bear market and proving that they deserve to be a top 5 cryptocurrency moving forward in terms of market cap.”

EQ summarized his passion for Polygon with these words. “If we want to be successful in the crypto landscape moving forward, we want to be where the top players are building.”

Meta Mystics -A Breed Apart
The NFT space has grown exponentially, and it is easy for projects to get lost in the crowd. It is imperative to be innovative and explore avenues to help a project stand out. EQ is confident that the Meta Mystics concept is truly super.

“The characters and artwork itself are standalone and would be a successful project without the Utility. Sammy did an amazing job creating eye-catching Superheroes. The utility that comes along with owning a Meta Mystic reinforces positive aspects of education and community.”

Numerous incentives are being offered to their community. All holders will get access to staking rewards, and the more NFTs that are owned, the more tokens that can earned through the MM token rewards multipliers and incentives. Those who mint a Tier 8 or higher or mint 10+ Superheroesare givenaccess to the Alchemy Trading Group. There are also the coveted Tier 11 NFTs which are all 1-of-1s and come with a custom swag pack full of apparel made specifically for the NFT.

Just Getting Started
The project has their official mint on September 30, with a mint price of 50 $MATIC. The mint will take place on their website, with OpenSea the main hub for secondary sales. “We will be looking out for other upcoming secondary marketplaces to partner with that have high potential,” noted Sammy. “We plan to be available for secondary sales on the majority of Polygon-supported marketplaces.”

The first 25% of mints get Alpha Utility, which includes the airdrop of the 12th Superhero, Tiger’s Eye.This will also give priority access pass to all upcoming developments and releases and access to Alchemy Crypto Academy. September 30, however, does not signal the end of their journey. Sammy speaks excitedly about the future. “We plan on taking Meta Mystic Superheroes to the next level through film3 and interactive games that will help people of all ages to develop healthy living skills.”

EQ’s words are like a signal flare lighting up the night sky, letting the NFT world know that a new type of superheroes has arrived on the scene. “It’s not just another profile picture; we’re creating the next generation of Web3 Superheroes.”

Learn More About the Meta Mystic Superheroes
Website: https://metamysticsuperheroes.com/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9HhKy2vydf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaMysticNFT
Whitepaper: https://metamysticsuperheroes.com/assets/whitepaper/whitepaper.pdf

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The Matic Man

Sep 20, 2022