Monroy spoke about some of the reasons for the massive success of Derby Stars. “They have a big vision of having a game. At the end of the day,that is something that brings a little bit more engagement to a project.


Gun Sounds on OnePlanet’s Launchpad for Thoroughbred NFT Project Derby Stars

The heavily hyped Derby Stars NFT project stood poised and ready inside the starting gate, waiting for the gun to sound, signaling the official kickoff of the OnePlanet launchpad. On Friday, November 11, this highly anticipated liftoff signaled a new era for Polygon’s premier NFT marketplace.

This landmark day comes on the heels of OnePlanet’s official marketplace launch on September 6. In the past two months, the project has supported the migrationof more than 60 Terra-based NFT collections on Polygon. At the same time, OnePlanet listed Polygon-based NFT projects such as the Move-to-Earn (M2E) project TRACER and metaverse project The Mars, establishing OnePlanet as the leading marketplace in the Polygon NFT ecosystem.

The launchpad was the next step in the progression of the burgeoning NFT powerhouse, positioning OnePlanet to not only establish itself as Polygon’s NFT one-stop shop, but also putting it on the fast track to gaining increasing influence in the larger NFT universe. There are voices within the industry now, citing Polygon’s mass adoption and OnePlanet’s prodigious potential, predicting that the nascent NFT marketplace may one day rival or surpass OpenSea. Pryce Cho, OnePlanet CEO, commented on the platform’s commitment to expanding Polygon’s influence in theNFT space and the importance of the launchpad in this process. “OnePlanet has been working closely with Polygon Studios to expand the Polygon NFT ecosystem, and the upcoming launchpad service will contribute to accelerating its growth.”

The launchpad service further establishes OnePlanet as the “go-to” Polygon NFT platform, allowing new collections to be minted and launched on the Polygon network. The OnePlanet launchpad is customizable to suit each project’s needs and concepts, offering various options such as English and Dutch auctions and the ability to implement various gamified features for unique minting experiences. Trading with the project’s native tokens will also be available on the OnePlanet platform.

For the first project on their launchpad, OnePlanet chose Derby Stars, a P2E, blockchain-based horse racing game which had previously gained notoriety on OnePlanet’s Terra launchpad, setting the record of selling out a previous mint in less than two minutes and having a unique horse from their third pre-sale fetch over $40,000 on a gamified live auction launchpad. For their part, Derby Stars was ecstatic with Friday’s outcome. They made these comments on their official Twitter account.

“Through the "Random-Box" event, we were once again astounded by the solidity and strength of our community. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took part in this event. We also sincerely thank you to our partners for their support of the Derby Stars team. With this event, we have collaborated and partnered with 70+ guilds, communities, and projects, bringing in 62.4K+ global potential users. Derby Stars will continue to build a strong community and bring a game to Web3 that has never been seen before. The Random-Box event was just the beginning of our journey to alpha launch, and we will bring you more content soon.”

Edwin Monroy, Community Manager for OnePlanet, spoke about this momentous day. “We are excited to finally show the Polygon NFT community what our launchpad looks like. On September 6th, we were able to open up our marketplace for all of the projects that we're migrating from Terra. And then slowly, we've been onboarding different Polygon native projects, and right now,the product that we wanted to show is the launchpad, and we've been working with the Derby Stars team, a project that was very popular and one of the blue chips in Terra.”

Monroy spoke about some of the reasons for the massive success of Derby Stars. “They have a big vision of having a game. At the end of the day,that is something that brings a little bit more engagement to a project. When you have a project that is based around a game, you're able to continually have something to discuss, something to look forward to, and the community can have some input in the features.”

“Derby Stars is a horse racing game, and so they have released their horses. What we did in Terra is that there were three different waves of the horses, three different mints. And so every time that we had them, it was sold out in seconds just because there was such a high demand and the floor price for a horse, even the commons, was around 400-500 in USD price. There was a lot of demand for them with the expectation that you would have a lot of utility for the game once the game was released. Right now, the time frame for the game to be released is December- January. And so once they do that, you'll be able to use your horse that you own in the races, and then there's going to be more features.”

GP, co-founder of MATICNEWS, took part in the Derby Stars mint and was extremely impressed with the entire process. “I want to say thanks to OnePlanet for the mint of Derby Stars. It was easy to mint from mobile and, honestly, it was actually an even better experience in respect to other marketplaces, even Opensea. I managed to have the NFT in 5 minutes after the mint, evenwhen the chain was super-congested. That's really solid innovation, with great UI. I encourage other projects to use OnePlanet for their mint.”

The exciting Derby Stars launch, according to Monroy, is just the beginning. “For everybody that migrated from Terra, the challenge has been getting to know the community here in Polygon, and slowly, we have been building a lot of relationships. Ultimately, this was the thing that we were looking forward to, releasing the launchpad and then getting some feedback from the community. I think that the next thing for us is opening the launchpad for other projects. So right now we're working on the proper application, and we're looking to begin to launch more projects consistently in December.”

The starting gun for the launchpad has sounded. And they’re off. Projects like those on OnePlanet are jockeying for position in the NFT space. In the months and years to come, as the industry comes down the home stretch and projects run neck and neck, OnePlanet, spurred by its amazing new launchpad, will give all marketplaces a run for their money.

Written By

The Matic Man

Nov 17, 2022