The platform doesn’t currently have a token, although the devs are open to this implementation, they are thinking of creating something truly innovative in the long term.

Atomic Green - Multi Chain Leverage Trading Platform

Atomic Green is a multi-chain platform for trading leverage on DEXs in EVM-compatible networks.

The lending protocol and controller, which handle the actual trading activities like opening and closing positions and liquidations, respectively, make up the Atomic Green systems.

What is Atomic Green?
Atomic's primary benefit is that it is completely decentralized. Users can open transactions without transferring assets to a third-party address. Direct operation is possible through their WEB3 wallet. Atomic was created as a service where customers may leverage their trading without worrying about their funds being frozen.

Atomic is now accessible on the Polygon and Arbitrum chains. Ethereum will follow in October, with Aurora arriving in September. The team is excited to introduce Atomic to as many chains as customers require since it can be deployed in any EVM-like network.

Atomic employs the liquidity pools of Uniswap V3 as a liquid order book, which is a significant distinction from other derivative platforms in DeFi.

For instance, if a trader opens a long or short position, the controller borrows the necessary assets from the lending protocol, sells or purchases the collateral asset (based on whether it's a long or short position), and adds them as a single asset to the applicable UNI V3 pools. The controller "unwraps" the position after any of the conditions are satisfied (TP/SL, liquidation, or manual close), repaying the lending protocol and allocating fees among lenders, traders, and platform.

You can operate with up to 20x the available leverage. Additionally, some of the users excel at taking a short position with 1x leverage which is something not provided by other decentralized platforms. Traders only pay 0.1% to open the position. But in exchange, they get 15% of the trading fees that UniSwap generates when its position is in positive PnL.

The platform doesn’t currently have a token, although the devs are open to this implementation, they are thinking of creating something truly innovative in the long term.

Is Atomic Green audited?
The team came to the conclusion early on in the project that having a safe and secure platform is of the utmost importance. Because of this, they began working with Halborn Securities, one of the most recognized firms on the market, in June. They successfully completed a thorough audit of the smart contracts in the middle of August.

You can see an interview of Atomic Green’s Co-Founder Maxim with Halborn here:


Plans for the future
The Atomic Green you see right now is the V1 version. The development team is going to include more features in V2, including improved charting, liquidation auctions, and integration with a dex aggregator for more price impact stability once deals are opened. Although Atomic Green has a long-term strategy, they constantly adapt to the needs of the environment because it is changing so quickly.

The team is certain that Atomic will rank among the top 3 projects in the DeFi region soon.

Project Links
Website - https://atomic.green/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/atomic__green
Discord - https://discord.gg/RnhR5mSzea
Medium - https://medium.com/@atomic.green

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 22, 2022