In general, Axion's stakers will be more likely to hold new tokens for long-term growth, which is advantageous for the new launch tokens with a stronger base of wallet holders.

Axion Launchpad - The future of Staking

You can lock your $AXN tokens for up to 15 years on the Axion decentralized cryptocurrency network, which promotes long-term investment with high yields and consistent payouts.

15 years' worth of 167,203,795,667 $AXN are now staked. That amounts to roughly 49% of the $AXN that are currently on the market.

Investors can gain access to various aspects of the Axion Staking Ecosystem by staking $AXN using their online staking portal; the Launchpad is one of the ecosystem's most crucial features.

The Axion Launch Ecosystem
Your cryptocurrency project will get the ideal launch partner thanks to the Axion Launch ecosystem. Only users with stakes of over a year are eligible for Axion Launch, which ensures the community will hold onto any tokens you release into the Axion ecosystem in the hope of joining you in long-term growth and appreciation.

The Axion Team is committed to making your token launch a success by providing tools like the Vesting Engine, AMAs within the Axion community, moderator and community support, free banner ads running on their platforms, and more.

The goal of Axion Launch is to benefit both your blockchain project and the Axion community.

Axion Stakers can benefit from selected launches that are ideal for the community thanks to Axion Launch. Axion does this to guarantee portfolio growth for investors who have committed to working with the company for the next one to fifteen years.

By bringing in a committed group of investors that believe in the long-term worth of cryptocurrencies and are willing to stake an investment for years at a time, Axion Launch also offers substantial advantages to new or existing tokens.

In general, Axion's stakers will be more likely to hold new tokens for long-term growth, which is advantageous for the new launch tokens with a stronger base of wallet holders.

Benefits of the Axion Launchpad
Aside from the strong community of long term holders, Axion offers a plethora of benefits including a Pledge Engine, which is a unique funding engine allowing users to pledge and submit funds instantly, a Vesting Engine, which is a vesting smart contract that holds the launch-day tokens in a secure manner. It then enables effective vesting to users over a predetermined time frame.

Launches that require KYC will be ensured by Sekuritance, one of the Axion long term partners.

Network independence characterizes Axion Launchpad. They have launched projects on a number of networks, including Ethereum and the BSC network, and are now willing to launch more projects on the Polygon network, which is home to Axion.

Axion first seeks to collaborate with initiatives that exhibit enduring and long-term value within the blockchain ecosystem.

Lastly, all the Launches include:
A dedicated launch page on the Axion website
Community AMAs on their official Discord, Telegram, Youtube and Twitter Channels
Banners on the front page and staking portal
Exclusive and tailored offers for your community to get involved with Axion
Direct contact with the Axion development team

As a project, you can apply HERE to get into the Axion Launchpad Program

The Axion Launch initiative also offers an opportunity for referrals, get $250 if you recommend a project that Axion successfully launches! This referral form needs to be filled out with as much information as possible.

Axion strives to keep the bar high while delivering a professional environment for projects to launch their product while being very close to the community. The long term vision of the team and shareholders (the users) make Axion a force to be reckoned with.

The Axion ecosystem offers the best staking platform, the most loyal community, smart and informed investors that engage with the platform and its launchpad partners and last but not least one of the smoothest and most technologically advanced blockchain experiences.

Project Links
Website - https://axion.network/
Discord - https://axion.network/discord
Telegram - https://t.me/axionofficial
Twitter - https://twitter.com/axion_network/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 17, 2022