A group that always has a plan, OnePlanet is capitalizing on this extra time to provide more opportunities for the NFT projects to connect.


Activity Ramps Up as OnePlanet Prepares for Launch

Excitement in the Polygon community is at a fever pitch, as the ecosystem continues to land big fish in the Web3 ocean, highlighted this past week by GameSwift (former Star Terra) joining the long list of industry movers and shakers who chose to enter the Polygon pond. This monumental announcement puts Polygon on track to eventually have the premier gaming ecosystem in Web3. This comes on the heels of OnePlanet’s decision to also land on Polygon, setting the “MATIC Machine” on course to have a premier NFT marketplace that may one day rival or surpass OpenSea.

The Terra Tragedy in early May, that occurred after the depegging of the algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD (UST) and the subsequent collapse of its companion token $LUNA, forced projects in that ecosystem to make some difficult choices. One such project was OnePlanet, which was already a major player in the Terra NFT space. After extensive research that took into account key factors such as mass adoption, market opportunities, stability,and foundation-level support, OnePlanet picked Polygon as its new partner.

Since the news dropped in late May about OnePlanet’s choice, their team has worked literally around the clock to prepare for the migration of scores of Terra projects to the Polygon ecosystem. This thoroughly professional, caring team has impacted numerous projects, making a challenging situation more bearable by their genuine compassion and willingness to go the extra mile to help.

OnePlanet ambassador Narb (@NarbTrading) spoke about the difference that OnePlanet has already made in the Polygon community. “It was obviously a very unfortunate situation that happened with Terra. But all these projects that are still here, that are still building, that are coming over…you know a lot of projects could have disappeared or rugged as we call it in the space. But they’re coming over to a new chain, and they’re putting that effort in to continue to communicate with the community. You’re all sort of in this together like we’ve talked about before. On top of that, we’re in a bear market, right? So, all of that while we’re in a bear market, it’s just incredible to see all these projects continuing to build and come over to Polygon. Obviously, OnePlanet has had a huge take in that, and I really appreciate everything that OnePlanet has done.”

A target launch date of August 26 was originally set, but some technical challenges have led the team to move the date for the official launch to September 6. The OnePlanet team spoke about the circumstances that led to this decision. “We found out that there is an issue with the Terra Classic node provider we’ve been using while addressing the error reports that have been filed. The nodes failed to sync with the current status of the blockchain, which can cause failures in the migration process.Therefore, OnePlanet decided to secure more days to fix this issue and carefully go through the final examination on our product in order to provide the seamless migration experience.”

A group that always has a plan, OnePlanet is capitalizing on this extra time to provide more opportunities for the NFT projects to connect. They launched Mission 4: Space Rush, partnering with Arkadia on an exciting game experience. They have continued their NFT Alliance on Polygon (aka N.A.P.) community-building events like weekly NAP Poker in the Discord of a different OnePlanet project and a Trea$ure Hunt that gives away $MATIC and other prizes.

Tony (@thematicman) gave his take on the current progress of the migration in a recent Twitter Spaces featuring OnePlanet ambassadors. “What OnePlanet is doing for the NFT space, especially in helping Terra projects migrate over to Polygon, is game-changing. Terra projects, you guys are heroes to me. It would have been easy when everything happened a few months back just to fold your tents, get discouraged, and quit. But you guys hung in there. You stuck with it and now, as the launch nears, you will get to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. I am very excited for all of these projects and for OnePlanet.”

A saying borrowed from antiquity but slightly altered has been often heard in recent days, “All roads lead to Polygon.” As partnership announcements are dropped daily and the number of Dapps has quickly surpassed 37,000, it is obvious that Polygon has become the place to be. “The Terra community needed a place to go,” Narb commented. “Polygon is very welcoming, especially to developers and teams that are building. Grabbing these Terra teams and the Polygon teams and putting them together…. shows how powerful community can be.”

Edwin (@EdwinDMonroy), Community Manager for OnePlanet, echoed this praise for Polygon. “On our end, we’re very grateful to be welcomed with open arms. It’s not an easy thing coming into a new blockchain, as we’ve seen our friends that have gone to other blockchains, and it’s a struggle. So far, I think everything is going as well as it can.”

The response of Polygon during a crucial time and the incredible effort put forth by OnePlanet have not escaped the notice of former Terra projects launching in this new ecosystem. EJ, (@SpaceSkellies), founder of Space Skellies, spoke about the personal touch that OnePlanet has extended to projects. “Reach out to Edwin, and they will definitely get your questions answered. They will help you and guide you. They literally hold your hand the whole way. So, there’s really no way you can mess up. The support from OnePlanet has been unreal as far as workflow and making sure things are done appropriately.”

For projects looking for a place to land, EJ thinks the choice is clear.

“As far as a business standpoint, they are a standout company. They’re the ones to go with. And I think OnePlanet is finally going to bring all these Polygon projects that are out there, whether they’re on OpenSea or wherever they’re at, to one place. That’s going to bring a centralized location where you can come and find incredible projects.”

Despite the delay, the old adage that good things come to those who wait certainly holds true with OnePlanet. “As far as timing,” said Edwin, “we’re trying to push as fast as we can, but we also want to make sure that it’s a smoother experience. We’re doing a lot of testing and just figuring out all the edge cases.”

The OnePlanet team is so appreciative of the support of Polygon People and look forward to providing a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace. “There are no words to express our gratefulness for the abundant welcome and support regarding our new launch on Polygon. We will promise to deliver our product in the utmost state of service that may hopefully satisfy your expectations.”

With GameSwift now anchoring the Polygon gaming ecosystem and OnePlanet the up-and-coming captain of the NFT open seas, Polygon is quickly growing into the BIG FISH in the Web3 world.

Written By

The Matic Man

Aug 29, 2022