Using the Degoverse NFTs, you can take part in the team's cleverly created governance system.

Degoverse - Football and Sports Utility Backed NFTs

The upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 prompted the highly skilled, enthusiastic, and ambitious Degoverse team—which has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency space—to look for a method to merge these two passions and establish an excellent project on the Polygon Network.

The Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for Degoverse Sport include extra features and functionalities. They are therefore exchangeable, upgradeable, and usable as membership NFTs. Only 10,000 unique NFTs make up this initial collection.

Each Sport NFT comes with a piece of Original Art inspired by the country that the team represents, a blend of Traits that are unique to each collectible NFT, and a collection of skills that have been added to the player cards and can be enhanced or decreased.

Using the Degoverse NFTs, you can take part in the team's cleverly created governance system.

The Game Items in Degoverse
Today we will cover the Game Items made by the developers, along with the Smart NFT player Collection, DegoVerse offers other components to liven up the betting process once the first match of the World Cup has kicked in.

You should be able to establish plans for your betting and collection as part of being a professional.

As a result, the team offers you this feature, which enables you to:
Make your players better.

Boost your teams.

Lessen the power of your adversaries.

The platform displays these features as NFTs.

Sport NFTs
The Sport NFTs which launched on 22 September are a particular kind of NFT that enable improving the player skills of Smart NFTs.

Sport NFTs, which are based on 2D and 3D models, aid in improving your Smart NFT Player.

Sport NFTs are mostly used for:
Use it to improve and develop your Smart NFT Players.

As they are quite rare, you should collect them.

They can be traded on OpenSea.

Sports NFTs have a play-to-own value! Sport NFTs can be purchased, sold, and traded on theNFTs Marketplace Open Sea.

The OpenSea Collection is available here.

Degoverse Referral System
The developers have introduced an amazing referral system that can bring you 25% for each sale made through the referral link.

A full tutorial on how to do it is available here.

This proves how passionate the team is in engaging and rewarding the community tirelessly.

Degoverse is a really fun and intricate P2E Utility NFTs platform pertaining to football and the upcoming world cup. We are excited to see what they have in store for us once the matches begin!

Keep in mind, betting will be activated and available as soon as the first Qatar 2022 World Cup match has started!

Project Links
Website: https://degoverse.bet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/degoverse
Medium: https://medium.com/@DegoVerseBet
Telegram: Degoverse Official Group: https://t.me/DegoVerse
Github: https://github.com/DegoVerseBet
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bMfP5HezBW

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 11, 2022