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Degoverse - How to use the ecosystem to your advantage?

The highly qualified, motivated, and ambitious Degoverse team, which has a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, was inspired by the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar to hunt for a way to combine these two interests and launch an outstanding project on the Polygon Network.

Degoverse Sport Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) offer additional capabilities and functionalities. As a result, they can be upgraded, exchanged, and used as membership NFTs. This initial collection consists of just 10,000 distinct NFTs.

Today we do a deep dive on how to use and train your Smart NFT Players in order to take advantage of the World Cup mixed with the Degoverse systems to gain some revenue and have fun!

As we all know from the previously covered topics on Degoverse, the ecosystem features football Players NFTs, Sports NFTs and Game Cards.

You can mint each of them here: https://app.degoverse.bet/sale

But what are Sport NFTs?
In Degoverse, the Sport NFTs are a unique category of NFTs that allow for the improvement of Smart NFTs Player Skills.

After getting your Player NFTs, you should access https://app.degoverse.bet/sport-sale and get some cool Sport NFTs in order to proceed with the training.

To start the training session, you need to visit https://app.degoverse.bet/trainings and select one of the 3 training centers available to you.

After selecting the training center, you need to select a Player NFT you want to train, if you have more than one, you need to train them one by one.

When you have picked your favorite Player NFT, you will be prompted to select Sports NFTs and Training cards, according to the stadium you have picked, you can train your Player with one to three items respectively.

The developers have thought about everything when designing the Degoverse platform, as you can preview the improvement of each Player NFT from the stats board directly in real time as you add different items to the training interface.

Once you have picked everything to your liking, you just have to press the Start Training button and the preferred Player NFT will be improved accordingly.

You can also check the official Degoverse Youtube tutorial for Training Player NFTs here.

Awesome Giveaway
With the beginning for the Qatar World Cup football tournament, Degoverse has prepared a special giveaway for everyone to enjoy:

Degoverse is giving away 10 NFTs, you just have to Like and Retweet the Tweet for this article!

As far as we know, there aren’t any good quality projects pertaining to the Qatar World Cup on the blockchain, Degoverse is the only protocol that offers a fun and engaging gamified experience where users can enjoy their time while supporting their official teams!

Project Links
Website: https://degoverse.bet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/degoverse
Medium: https://medium.com/@DegoVerseBet
Telegram: Degoverse Official Group: https://t.me/DegoVerse
Github: https://github.com/DegoVerseBet
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bMfP5HezBW

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 21, 2022