The minting will commence in the following weeks, you will be able to acquire Smart NFT Players while also participating in various giveaways on all Degoverse social media.

Degoverse - SMART NFT and Stable Coins enhanced Sport Prediction Gambling Metaverse

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in November, therefore the highly talented, passionate and ambitious Degoverse team, which has spent many years in the crypto area, sought for a way to combine these two interests and launch a great project on the Polygon Network.

Smart Utility NFTs
The Degoverse Sport NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens with added functionalities and utility. As a result, they can be traded, upgraded, and used as membership NFTs. There are just 10,000 distinct NFTs in this initial collection.

Each Sport NFT includes a piece of Original Artwork that was inspired by the nation where the team represents itself, a mix of Traits that are exclusive to each collectible NFT, and a set of skills that have been added to the player card and can be increased or decreased.

You can participate in the team's smartly designed governance structure by using the Degoverse NFTs.

Each NFT has a special utility called Power Boost. It gives various benefits to holders such as increased earning capability when betting in the Games near the World Cup. The power boost is based on a mix of its existing skills, that is why it is important to upgrade your SMART NFT Player.

Chance Cards
The special Smart NFTs called Chance Cards allow users to benefit from a reward or punish the other team. The cards are luck-based, randomly generated using the Chainlink VRF.
Chance cards can be used when users bet on a Match, the user has the option to use it or store it for another time.
This feature allows Degoverse to offer an extra layer of strategy to its playerbase.

Training Center
By instructing and training them in these Training Centers, you may improve your Smart NFT athletes. These training facilities are depicted as stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar.

The users will be able to improve the Defense, Attack, Physical, Morale and Experience of each Player NFT. Each trait can be enhanced with Sport NFTs.

The Training Center can be upgraded up to level 3 offering various enhancements such as extra experience, morale or even random Sport NFTs.

World Cup Gambling
The Degoverse team will make it possible to place wagers in a variety of ways once the World Cup kicks off.

In the conventional sense of a community, there will be certain objectives that are special, like finishing a particular team collection, as well as some that are cooperative, like reaching a certain pot size.

You may bet on things like World Cup match results, jackpots, and lotteries on the platform.

The Player will be able to gain prizes proportional to their Player NFT Level and PowerBoost. The holder of complete teams will benefit from nice boosts to their bets. Various achievements will be available for the most proficients users such as Trophy NFTs or Rare Collective NFTs.

Play to Own
This is a novel idea in which you gain value from using the platform in a particular way and can choose exactly how you want to use it.

In this instance, you will receive a Sport NFT that you may either use to improve your Smart NFTs Players on the site OR sell or transfer in the TradePlace. You get to choose what to do with its value.

The main distinction is that you obtain a value that the owner may transfer as they see fit. It's a reward that you can decide to use on the platform or for anything else you see appropriate.

In a "play to earn" scenario, the rewards you earn must be used on the platform. You receive value, but you are also given specific non-flexible ways on how you would be able to spend it.

Chainlink Integration for True Randomness
Every single NFT generated on our platform uses Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon Network as part of the NFT generating process.

All Smart NFT Players, Sport NFTs, and Sport NFT Bags are produced using the VRF.


NFT Sale
The minting will commence in the following weeks, you will be able to acquire Smart NFT Players while also participating in various giveaways on all Degoverse social media.

Game Items Sale
Items such as Lucky Cards can be used to improve and boost rewards.

This will allow players to further enhance and get the best possible out of their Team’s performance.

World Cup Gambling
This phase will allow you to earn revenue through gambling and NFT utility.

Metaverse Gambling
In this milestone, players will experience the next level of immersive gambling through Degoverse NFTs

A Stable, long term Crypto approach
Degoverse encourages the community to concentrate on the value of their NFTs rather than worrying about the erratic value of cryptocurrencies. The Team is confident that the strategy of utilizing the entire platform with Stable Coins and without its own currency is the best because of this.

The difficulty of buying, selling, and trading with a volatile cryptocurrency would simply divert attention from what we are trying to achieve: a community where members can complete their favorite teams, trade NFTs with one another, and enjoy placing World Cup wagers.

Project Links:
Website: https://degoverse.bet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/degoverse
Medium: https://medium.com/@DegoVerseBet
Telegram: Degoverse Official Group: https://t.me/DegoVerse
Github: https://github.com/DegoVerseBet
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bMfP5HezBW

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 22, 2022