While the team is highly engaged on Twitter, they do have some surprises in store and more contests to come for the month of October.

Dexsport - A betting platform very close to its community!

The Polygon, BNB, and OKC blockchains are now housing Dexsport, a Web3 betting platform that is blowing everyone’s minds.

Dexsport wants to show clients that betting can be honest and straightforward. In an effort to alter customers' perceptions of betting, developers harness the power of web3 tools, such as blockchain technology, to help Dexsport preserve user assets and privacy and make the betting process transparent.

Dexsport have come a long way, their platform is blooming day by day as the passionate and ambitious team thoroughly engages with the community. If there is a platform that can be seen as being very close to its users, it’s definitely Dexsport. Not only did they understand that being engaged with their investors and fans is the way any web3 project should operate, they are really doing it out of passion. The numerous contests and $DESU giveaways are proof of this long term engagement to please and reward Dexsport supporters.

Now, there are other ways besides betting to generate money on Dexsport. The CrashX and DexDice turbo games were integrated with help from the developers. The earnings from a single session can reach up to x35.

The inclusion of gaming support meets the demand for Dexsport users to generate income when the betting industry is closed. Players can always start making money because CrashX and DexDice are always available. The makers claim that games are a revenue source alternative to traditional betting due to their great profitability.

While the team is highly engaged on Twitter, they do have some surprises in store and more contests to come for the month of October.

Users of Dexsport now have the ability to instantly swap more than 15,000 tokens on a single platform thanks to the RED upgrade. This service launched in collaboration with Rubic, a multi-chain digital asset swap protocol. One-click token exchange on a single platform streamlined working with Dexsport and increased wagering options.

This is one of the greatest implementations Dexsport has had for its users and we are very excited to see what’s next!

Project Links
Website: https://dexsport.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dexsport_io
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Dexsport_io
English Community Chat: https://t.me/dexsport_en
Chinese Community Chat: https://t.me/dexsport_CN
Medium: https://dexsport.medium.com

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 24, 2022