The developers are implementing new features, chains, tokens and games almost every week while looking for the best opportunities to improve user experience and adoption.

Dexsport - Preparing for the 2022 Qatar World Cup

We all know there are hundreds of millions, if not billions of football fans across the globe, and one thing that has been constant over the years is their love and passion for the game!

DeFi and Football Betting
With the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup and the rise of Web3 and Blockchain technology, adoption for Decentralized GameFi and Betting has hit an all time high, as football fans always look for the best opportunities to support their teams and also wager on the side.

The launch of Fan Tokens as a Cryptocurrency was a huge success in the past years as the trading volumes speak for themselves.

Traditional Betting Platforms have had their share of users with enticing offers and constantly upgrading their products to lure in the most avid fans while offering more and more options, but in 2021 the advent of Web3 has shown its true value, as sports fans from around the globe have gotten word of a new Decentralized world where they can wager and have fun like never before.

Dexsport - One platform to rule them all
Many DeFi Sports and Betting projects have come and gone over the last year, but none have poured their heart and love as much as the Dexsport developers do with their platform.

Dexsport strives to demonstrate that wagering can be straightforward and honest. The developers employ Web3 capabilities like blockchain technology to improve and help with the protection of user assets and privacy while making the betting process transparent in an effort to change how customers perceive betting as a whole.

The project has come a long way, and as the driven and ambitious crew actively engages the community, their platform is growing every day.

Dexsport is unquestionably a platform that can be considered truly connected to its users. The team not only understood the need of engaging with their supporters and investors, but they also genuinely like what they are doing. The various giveaways of $DESU and contests are evidence of their ongoing commitment to satisfy and thank Dexsport supporters.

But, this is not all that made Dexsport successful, the Web3 and Smart Contracts technology coupled with the unparalleled user experience has made waves among the BetFi ecosystem, as other projects try to emulate traditional betting website, Dexsport innovates by doing their own thing, and doing it very well.

The developers are implementing new features, chains, tokens and games almost every week while looking for the best opportunities to improve user experience and adoption.

We are actively monitoring Dexsport because it is our preferred betting platform as it’s hard to find any project better than this, the sheer amount of features and the fluidity of the website just keeps us coming back over and over and over… on top of that, it makes us want MORE as surprises are pouring in left and right every week!

We have got insider information that the Dexsport team is preparing some huge giveaways, prizes and contests during the World Cup so make sure to follow them on all socials as they will reveal the GOOD STUFF next week.

Project Links
Website: https://dexsport.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dexsport_io
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Dexsport_io
English Community Chat: https://t.me/dexsport_en
Chinese Community Chat: https://t.me/dexsport_CN
Medium: https://dexsport.medium.com

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 10, 2022