Nearly every week, the developers add new chains, games, features, and tokens as they search for ways to enhance user adoption and experience.

DexSport - Qatar World Cup 15000 $BUSD Contest and Sports Betting done right!

Dexsport has achieved a lot in the past months, and as the driven and ambitious crew actively engages the community, their platform is growing every day. Dexsport is unquestionably a platform that can be considered as being very connected to its users.

They not only understood the need of engaging with their supporters and investors, but they also genuinely like what they are doing. The various giveaways of $DESU and contests are evidence of their ongoing commitment to satisfy Dexsport supporters.

We have talked about Games Betting, implementations, contests and much more in the past. Now it’s time for Sports Betting to shine, with the beginning of the Qatar World Cup events, there is no better place to wager and support your favorite football team than the Dexsport platform.

The platform offers the most visually appealing sports betting interface, easy to navigate and simple to understand, the user experience remains as usual one of the best features Dexsport offers its users. With dozens of tokens available for betting to your heart’s content, you can take advantage of the numerous wagering opportunities presented to you here.

As other initiatives attempt to imitate traditional betting websites, Dexsport innovates by doing their own thing and doing it extremely well. This has caused ripples within the BetFi ecosystem thanks to the Web3 and Smart Contracts technology combined with the exceptional user experience.

Nearly every week, the developers add new chains, games, features, and tokens as they search for ways to enhance user adoption and experience. Last but not least, we are getting a lot of surprises in terms of giveaways and full fledged contests directly on the Dexsport platform.

Qatar World Cup Betting Contest
It goes without saying that the developers would implement another huge contest with the occasion of this year’s World Cup, as they already did with the Dota 2 tournament!

The top 10 players who earn more than the rest during the tournament will split $15,000 BUSD, and 50 randomly selected individuals who fulfill all the requirements will each receive $2,000 DESU.

You can sign up, and follow the instructions for the contest here!

Since Dexsport is our preferred betting platform and there aren't many projects better than this one, we actively follow it. The website's fluidity and sheer number of features entice us to return time and time again. Additionally, the abundance of surprises we receive each week only makes us want MORE!

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 24, 2022