Despite the bearish hard times that the whole crypto community endures for over a year, Dogira is set to continue building and creating exceptional products within the ecosystem.

Dogira - Breathing new life and building the ecosystem!

Token focused on Development
Dogira has introduced a vast number of products over the course of a little more than a year, helping to legitimately offer value and innovation to the cryptocurrency market. The Dogira in-house NFT Kit, the first dive into staking pools and on-chain pricing tools, the debut of a fully on-chain game, and that's without mentioning their forays outside the cryptosphere, including funding and publishing their first free-to-play mobile game.

The team is currently working on the first significant Gooeys expansion, which will employ even more proprietary tools created by Dogira, like the new Web3->Web2 API and Query Caching technology.

During this period, Dogira also made connections and worked together with other fantastic teams, including Chainlink, QuickSwap, ApeSwap, Rubic, and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, to mention a few.

The Road Ahead
Although the larger markets in both trading and cryptocurrency have been bearish for about a year now, the harsh reality for Dogira and many other startup projects is that they entered the bear market in May 2021 and have not yet come out of it. This is one difficult reality the Dogira Team had to face during this time.

No Dogira tokens have ever been used to fund the Dogira treasury. With the exception of the Gooeys NFT sale, the project's main sources of income were developer contracting and consulting work (which had the additional side effect of diverting time from Dogira), along with Director's Loans given to Dogira LTD.

Anyone who is currently holding any type of cryptocurrency or token would agree that bear markets can be terrible. The development team carried on with their work as if it were any other market, but from a tactical standpoint, they needed to face the realities of the market structures they were surrounded by in order to start moving in the direction of how they could fare when a pivot point ultimately materialized.

Momentarily the Dogira team will get lighter, in terms of restructuring, the Director will be given control over all official duties handled by the Dogira extended team, including managing the social media channels and partner outreach/relations. Additionally, it's anticipated that Dogira would reduce its production of content that doesn't pertain to development, such the biweekly AMAs and Gooeys Lore chapters.

Revenue Plans for better Sustaniability
The Dogira Treasury Tokens are not meant to be used to fund the ecosystem directly, but rather to facilitate growth and expansion. As previously said, no Dogira/GOO sales have ever been used to fund the Treasury;

A new future feature may charge a tiny amount of MATIC every transaction, added on in a manner akin to gas fees, as part of the ongoing development of Gooeys and its upcoming Discovery expansion. In order to provide more sustainable price economics on the Dogira platforms and to fund the team's ongoing growth and expansion, this MATIC would then be divided between automated buy/burn routines on Dogira/GOO (or any future ecosystem tokens), and feeding the team treasury wallet.

Despite the bearish hard times that the whole crypto community endures for over a year, Dogira is set to continue building and creating exceptional products within the ecosystem. We’d love to see more projects choose this route instead of closing or abandoning their communities.
The future is hopeful as always, and the blockchain is the best place to build.

Project Links
Website: https://www.dogira.net/
Dogira Twitter: @DogiraOfficial
Dogira Telegram: https://t.me/DogiraToken
Gooeys Twitter: @GooeysP2E
Gooeys Telegram: https://t.me/GooeysP2E Dogira/Gooeys Discord: https://discord.dogira.net

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 11, 2022