Order of the Redeemed NFT Mint on Polygon and Ziliqa on 31 October 2022

Dr. Death - The Order of the Redeemed NFT Mint launches today!

Jessica & Kane, an English couple who together make up the celebrated artistic duo Tighe-Mearns-Smith, established and are currently leading the Era of Redemption. This movement is founded on critical art theory, sustainable practices, emotional liberation, and psychological development.

They are also animators, illustrators, musicians, philosophers, zero waste fine artists, and designers of sustainable fashion.

The Order of the Redeemed is the first mystic school to appear in the metaverse and Dr. Death's 10,000-piece collection of carbon-negative generative NFTs. It is made with Zilliqa and Polygon and is the symposium for the Era of Redemption.

Dr. Death is depicted on his unique path to enlightenment in each NFT. From the hidden mystery of the ancient shamans to the shores of the Indus Valley and the Age of Enlightenment's individuality.

Order of the Redeemed NFT Mint on Polygon and Ziliqa on 31 October 2022
You can mint your NFTs by accessing this page:


Genesis, Exodus, and Revelation NFT sales totaling £10,000 from first purchases will be used to offset carbon emissions after the final mint has been completed.

Order of the Redeemed is veiled in mystical lore and philosophical semantics, to quote the Dr. Death:

‘’Let us embark on a journey in which the discovery and exploration of universal patterns are at the heart of a social movement, the micro-macro, the above, the below and the chasm that lies in-between.

They call us the ancient ones, they look to us for answers of the past and we come forth to show them the future.

Together we shall redeem the lost philosophies of mankind.
Welcome to the Era of Redemption.’

For more information please refer to the official Dr. Death Twitter Page

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 30, 2022