Players will be plunged in an old and mysterious alien planet known as Matrix, where they will be able to summon and gather cute elves as well as make them battle each other for crypto rewards.

ELF Matrix - A cute yet complex Play to Earn Game that will keep you on the edge of your seats!

Elf Matrix is a Play-to-Earn NFT game based on Polygon and BSC that allows for almost immediate transactions with little costs. It will be available as an App for PC, Mac, Android, and, ultimately, IOS. All of the in game items and animals will be tokenized and owned as NFTs.

The aesthetics and gameplay of Elf Matrix are influenced by classic games like CryptoKitties and Pokemon.

Players will be plunged in an old and mysterious alien planet known as Matrix, where they will be able to summon and gather cute elves as well as make them battle each other for crypto rewards. In Matrix, users can also purchase NFT land plots to create their own elf kingdom, where they can obtain rare materials and tokens.

What is an Elf?
In the Matrix, elves are adorable and intelligent animals. They were once silent life elements that were later ignited by mystical energy crystal shards. Elves have unique abilities and are on a mission to safeguard the Matrix.
The Elf Matrix team initially launched six types of Elf Element, namely Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Thunder.

The ability cards of an Elf are determined by their Head, Horns, Mouth, and Tail. The key to unlocking battle prowess is to understand the powers. Bodily Part Element is the element type for each body part. Elf purity is determined by the consistency of Body Part Element and Elf Element.

The higher the Elf purity, the more bodily parts of the same element type as the Elf.

Purity is frequently associated with greater skill. Congratulations if you get an Elf with 100 percent purity; it may become legendary and as a result, very strong.

Elves have four stats, Health which dictates the amount of HP, Speed which changes the battle order, Skill which adds damage to Elf combos, and Morale which increases critical hit chance.

Playing the game!
There are various game modes such as Adventure – Player versus Environment, where you fight battles against AI opponents. Your Elves must defeat the evil Elves in order to advance to the next level, the more levels you beat, the harder the Evil opponents become!

Additionally Elf Matrix has a PvP Arena mode, where you battle other players in intense and rewarding combats. Players who participate in the PVP arena will have the possibility to win better revenue in tournaments or rankings, which will necessitate additional practice and research in order to become the best fighter.

How to summon/mint your Elf?
The Elf Matrix universe revolves around the summoning system. It is the method by which new Elves are formed. Elves that have recently been summoned can be used to fight and earn money. The summoning technique is analogous to biological offspring reproduction in the real world, although a new Elf can be summoned by the union of two Elves regardless of gender. To prevent excessive growth, elf summoning is limited to seven times.

The fees will rise in tandem with the amount of Elf summoning process.

The elements and genes of the "parents" play a large role in summoned Elf heredity and mutation. The general rule is that the better the "parents'" base stats, the more likely they are to produce quality summons, which is similar to classical genetics. In most cases, certain characteristics of the two Elf parents will be inherited. Keep in mind that unexpected traits may appear in particular circumstances.

The players are able to buy and sell Elves on the marketplace developed by Elf Matrix, it is crucial if you want to strategize and create the best team!

The Matrix Land Plots
The Matrix is separated into tokenized land areas that serve as Elves' bases. Landowners may locate tokens on their plots, or they may use the Elves who live there to search for tokens and possibly other resources. Plots can be upgraded over time with the help of a variety of resources and crafting ingredients found throughout the game.

Players can also engage in real-time PVE encounters with Evil Elves to obtain the resources they drop.

Elf Matrix is providing a fun experience with multiple in-game ways for players to earn revenue:

  • Battle Evil Elves (PvE) and Other Players (PvP)
  • Complete Daily Tasks
  • Summon Rare Elves that you can sell to other players
  • Get Land plots that you can trade and sell to other players
  • Get Rare NFT Items that you can sell on the marketplace
  • Tournament Ranking Prizes
  • $EMT Staking Rewards
  • Referral System Rewards

Elf Matrix is currently launching their $EMT token through various IDOs, for more information please refer to their Medium article pertaining to the Launchpads Calendar and Guidelines!


We are thrilled about Elf Matrix, a great concept wrapped in a cute bite-sized gameplay experience that would keep you coming back and asking for more every day!

Project Links:
Website - https://elfmatrix.io/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Elf_Matrix
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/JENDMtdQK4
Telegram - https://t.me/ElfMatrix
Medium - https://medium.com/@ElfMatrix

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jun 15, 2022