Enegra has tokenized 100% of the equity in Enegra Group Ltd, with the ERC-3643 compliant EGX security token created on the Polygon blockchain representing stock.

ENEGRA - The DeFi platform tied to helping Commodity Miners in emerging markets to compete globally!

In 2011, Enegra identified an opportunity to apply its expertise in finance, trade and logistics to reduce the risk of sourcing and trading commodities from emerging economies. Applying this approach to the global commodities coal market while refining their business model for the local Southeast Asian market, the company spent several years cementing trusted relationships with mid-tier miners in Indonesia.

Enegra was initially registered in Australia, and it swiftly spread to Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. They began experimenting with smart contracts and how they may apply blockchain to trade cycles in 2017, because the technology is ideal for audits. Using NFTs for trading contracts, for example. Over a five-year period engaging with 16 local, mid-tier miners, the success and uniqueness of these relationships resulted in a 1.8 billion tonne Offtake Agreement. Today, this offtake provides them with a robust balance sheet with an audited net asset value of USD 27.98 billion.

In 2019, ENEGRA established Enegra Group Ltd, a new holding company in Labuan (a Malaysian offshore financial centre) and tokenized the company's shares into $EGX security tokens. The company subsequently exchanged the original Australian company's shares for $EGX, thus taking over the business. $EGX are regulated securities that are completely backed by the company's assets and have an ISIN issued by Bursa Malaysia. They provide the holder complete voting and dividend rights.

You can watch a presentation video of Enegra Group right HERE

The mission of Enegra
Due to a lack of capital and other resources, these commodity miners are frequently obliged to sell their commodities, such as coal or nickel, at a considerably lower price on the market. ENEGRA goes into offtake arrangements to purchase its commodities, then arranges for trade finance and logistics to sell them on the international market at a higher price.

The $EGX Token
Enegra has tokenized 100% of the equity in Enegra Group Ltd, with the ERC-3643 compliant EGX security token created on the Polygon blockchain representing stock.

Enegra Group Ltd's ordinary shares are represented by 85 million EGX at the moment. The shares are held by a licensed Trust Company as Nominee on behalf of EGX token holders, and all rights and distributions, including distributions and voting, are passed on to EGX token holders. Because EGX are securities, investors must first pass KYC/AML checks and be whitelisted before purchasing them. Investors can buy and sell EGX once their wallet has been whitelisted.

Currently Enegra is conducting an Airdrop, anyone who passes KYC and has their wallet whitelisted to hold $EGX will automatically receive a free token!

$EGX is trading on XT, Biconomy and bigONE exchanges, with many more to be announced soon.

The company has plans to introduce Staking, Borrowing/Lending, Yield Farming and utility to the $EGX holders by Q3.

We think Enegra has a clear advantage on the DeFi ecosystem because they are an established and respected company with a true mission and a great track record!

Project Links:
Website - https://www.enegragroup.com/
Telegram - https://t.me/enegragroup
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/enegragroup/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/enegragroup
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/enegra/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jun 17, 2022