On September 25, 2022, Forge21 Comics will debut with a first run of 10,000 copies, each with a wholly distinctive cover.

Forge 21 Comics - Ninja Boy: Life after Death

The 25th of September 2022 will see the release of the Comics NFTs collection, which Forge21 Studio has been working on diligently.

Their Forge21 Comics division is doing an excellent job creating comic books of the highest caliber!

The team strives to be the world’s most innovative comic brand. Their goal is to establish a worldwide, digital comic book ecosystem that is entertaining for readers and equitable to both independent publishers and big-box stores. In the developing field of Web3 publishing, Forge 21 Comics aims to set the bar for innovation and excellence.

When the team set out to create Forge Comics in January 2022, they were aware that there were a number of issues that had plagued the comic book industry ever since the advent of digital publishing as early as two decades ago.

Until recently, the idea of collecting digital imagery (and thus digital comic books) seemed absurd because, by their very nature, digital images are endlessly duplicable, and collectibility requires that its object possess some form of scarcity.

Collectibility is a cornerstone of comic book culture.
The Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a blockchain-based technology that may be used to create artificial scarcity for digital images, comes into play.

Artificial scarcity has long been a common tactic for artists; for example, a photographer can decide to restrict the number of editions of a print in order to affect the price and collectibility of the piece.

That is an illustration of manufactured scarcity. If you have an opinion about NFTs at all, it probably won't be a positive one. NFTs have been around for a short while, but in that time, some have utilized them for money laundering, tax avoidance, and other nefarious purposes. These are the applications that have received the most attention. However, an NFT is ultimately just inert technology without any underlying ideology.

The Forge Comics team hopes that you will check out their upcoming comics while acknowledging that their unique use of NFTs creates a more equitable compensation model for both traditional comic book retailers, comic book writers and illustrators in the context of digital comic books.

Forge Comics will continue to be at the forefront of the publishing industry's rapid development and acceptance of this technology throughout the coming years.

The Ninja Boy comic book cover NFTs
On September 25, 2022, Forge21 Comics will debut with a first run of 10,000 copies, each with a wholly distinctive cover.

The company's debut offering will be the critically acclaimed comic book combo Alé Garza and Allen Warner's Ninja Boy: Life after Death.

The artwork that will adorn the ground-breaking Ninja Boy covers was created by renowned comic book artist Alé Garza. Due to the unique production method utilized by Forge21 Comics, only a small number of copies will have some extremely unusual design features.

The fact that every single comic book cover is distinct is a remarkable aspect about them. These covers are created using a method that intelligently and randomly merges hundreds of potential characteristics into a single, cohesive image. Even though no two covers will look

exactly the same, some will include trait combinations that are more uncommon than others.

Who is Ninja Boy?
Ninja Boy made his debut in 2001 in a six-issue collection titled Ninja Boy: Faded Dreams from WildStorm Productions, a DC Comics brand. Years later, on a mission for vengeance and justice, the protagonist of Ninja Boy: Life after Death is brought back into the story.

At the age of 19, Alé Garza (born 1977) started working in the comic book industry for Wildstorm Studios, where he developed the series Ninja Boy and Skye Runner. Additionally, he has appeared in runs for Deadpool, Supergirl, Batman, Gen-13, Tean Titans, and Batgirl. Currently based in Minnesota, where he works from home, he recently established Artists Elite to serve as a publishing platform for the best creators in the comic book industry.

Allen Warner (born 1977) has almost twenty years of experience writing for video games, comic books, animation, and cinema on both new IP and well-known brands for businesses including Zenimax Online Studios, Jam City, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. He is presently a Maryland resident.

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, at the same time as the National Comic Book Day will take place in the United States.

Which chain?
On the Ethereum blockchain, which recently switched to a proof-of-stake consensus process that will lower the blockchain's energy usage by over 99%, a maximum of 10,000 copies will be minted. On launch, the Ninja Boy: Life after Death comic books are expected to cost 0.015 ETH for each copy.

How many editions?
Through the end of 2023, Forge21 Comics intends to stick to a production schedule that sees the publication of a new comic book every two months.

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Petrache Ionut

Sep 18, 2022