You and your digital assets can call Frenchain home, whether you're an NFT bro, a memecoin degen, or a friendly whale eager to make a mark.

Fren Chain - Meme Magic, Web3 and a vision of friendship and passion!

The first blockchain community, Frenchain, was developed from the ground up to promote a cozy mood and peaceful environment for all frens.

Many blockchains are based on internet memes and culture, yet they fall short of providing a truly pleasant environment. The frens usually fall to the wayside in a world that is ruthless and competitive, chilly and corporate.

Gone are the days of cold, heartless programmers and admins, exorbitant fees, and sluggish transaction times, thanks to meme magic and positive energy.

You and your digital assets can call Frenchain home, whether you're an NFT bro, a memecoin degen, or a friendly whale eager to make a mark.

The social currency of the internet is memes, and Web 3.0 has finally provided people with the means to convert influence into money. A shitposter could once only gain social benefits from their memes. Now, they can convert shares and likes into money, usually ($BTC and $ETH), or dollars and cents.

It's obvious that people respect internet culture and reward the creators who make them laugh when you consider the enormous marketcaps of $DOGE, $SHIB, and the countless other moon-pumps.

How does Frenchain do it?
Frenchain makes use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) infrastructure, which is protected by Clique and supported by Proof of Authority. The developers can guarantee a dependable, quick, and secure meme posting experience thanks to these technologies.

By offering the greatest location to create, share, grow, and enjoy your memes, Frenchain seeks to improve the meme-centric culture of Web 3.0.

Frenchain is in a unique position to achieve this goal given the characteristics of "fren," a meme that captures the carefree and laid-back mindset of shitposters worldwide.

The Frenchain team is creating the ultimate meme empire with an alliance of the best friends.

Does FREN Help?
Blockchain projects are necessary. The ecosystems of new protocols frequently suffer from a lack of builders and inventors. Grants are the team's suggested approach at FrenChain, which aims to bootstrap on chain activity and token utility.

Any developer is welcome to submit an application for a share of the treasury in order to offer something incredible to the FrenChain chain. The Fren team is using a multi-pronged strategy to launch the ecosystem, including a regular hackathon schedule, an open proposal program, and a "wishlist" of projects they would want to see.

Teams and Developers can apply for the Grants program HERE and also join the Hackathon!

The Frenchain Team has been collaborating hard behind the scenes with many teams to develop a number of fascinating protocols, and they now want to make collaboration more open to the general public. Once they have consolidated a good developer base and community, the mainnet will launch. AlphaNet, the TestNet, is already operational and ready for you to deploy on.

Why Build on Fren?

1) Compete for rewards worth up to $5,000 and 50 million vested tokens.

2) Establish connections with and collaborate with a global network of friends.

3) The core team's support for development partnerships, auditing, and strategic marketing.

Join the ongoing Hackathon

We are happy to become FRENS and Partners with the FrenChain Team, after our dive into the project we really like what they have in store for us, the ecosystem really needs some positivity and a breath of fresh air after all that has happened in the past weeks, and with the bear market still roaring on us, there’s no better place than the FrenChain to gather around a fire and invoke meme magic!

Project Links
Website - https://frenchain.app/
Telegram - https://t.me/fren_chain
Twitter - https://twitter.com/fren_chain
Discord - https://discord.gg/C8sUQY5qFv

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 14, 2022