Gains Network has adhered to its commitment to developing the greatest fully decentralized protocol and sustainably motivating the numerous moving components necessary for gTrade to be operated by its users.

Gains Network - Single Sided Staking

Gains Network is the innovator of gTrade, the most reliable, user-friendly, and liquid decentralized leveraged trading platform. gTrade offers incredibly low trading fees, a variety of leverages (up to 150x on cryptocurrencies, up to 100x on equities, and up to 1000x on FX), and can support any asset as long as it has the necessary API thanks to their specially created synthetic architecture, which is 100x+ more capital efficient than any other platform currently in use.

The heart of the system is the ERC20 utility token (GNS) and ERC721 utility token (NFTs). Gains NFTs and $GNS are designed to be actively used on the platform. To acquire access to the product's backend ecosystem, the NFTs must be held.

Five Ways to Earn on Gains Network:
The most crucial conditions for a decentralized protocol are long-term rewards that motivate users to run it. In other words, a protocol must sufficiently (and sustainably) incentivize its users to maintain the decentralization engine, similar to how miners are compensated for bringing consensus to PoW blockchains.

According to this logic, various positions within the gTrade ecosystem are rewarded in various ways. There are currently five ways to make money on gTrade.

  1. Stake $GNS to earn $DAI
    Recently, a portion of the revenue generated by the gTrade platform, in $DAI, was redirected to single-sided $GNS stakers. This was consistent with gTrade's goal to provide $GNS token holders with actual yield.The supply of $GNS tokens is not increased by these prizes.
  1. Provide liquidity to the $DAI vault
    By supplying liquidity to the $DAI vault users are enabling trading on every pair on the platform. For that service, $DAI stakers get rewarded in $DAI,
  2. Provide liquidity to the GNS/DAI Pool.
    By supplying GNS/DAI liquidity to the pool users get rewarded in $GNS.
  3. Hold a Gains Network NFT and execute limit orders and liquidations in exchange for $GNS

    By holding a Gains Network NFT, users carry out the limit orders and liquidations, using bots, instead of the platform. This further decentralizes trade execution on the platform.Join the referral program and receive $GNS

    The fees made by customers using the gTrade platform to synthetically trade on the price of cryptocurrencies, equities, and forex are what fund all of the rewards mentioned above. This is an actual use case with actual demand and actual revenue that is shared across Gains Network token holders and service providers.
  4. Become part of the referral program to earn $GNS

$GNS Single Sided Staking
The Gains Network team "re-routed" trading fees (40% of market order fees (0.08%), 15% of limit order fees (0.08) and 40% of trade closing fees (0.06%) respectively to cover all rewards for the $GNS SSS, which are not emission-based.

Since market orders make up over 70% of gTrades, almost 33% of order fees are paid to stakers directly.

The $GNS staking pool has the biggest TVL (around $35,000,000) among all of the pools and vaults just a few days after launch. Additionally, it offers a non-inflationary APY of almost 5% in $DAI.

Gains Network NFTs
Gains Network uses five different kinds of NFTs as the master keys for the ecosystem. There have been 1500 NFTs produced in total, which are split into 5 categories (Bronze - 500, Silver - 400, Gold - 300, Platinum - 200 and Diamond - 100)

Claims for the NFTs were submitted by liquidity suppliers, at inception, who contributed at least 1% of the total liquidity. Instead of ERC20 tokens, they were handed NFT credits, allowing them to mint these NFTs.


Holding a Gains Network NFT unlocks several exclusive benefits. This includes:
- Trader benefits→reducing the spread when a trader enters a trade

- Executing liquidations and limit orders (as mentioned above)

-Providing a boost to a user’s GNS/DAI LP or $GNS staking rewards (Users can stake stake up to 3 NFTs)

The boost rewards are tiered as follows:
2% Bronze, 3% Silver, 4% Gold, 5% Platinum, 8% Diamond, and 13%

Gains Network has adhered to its commitment to developing the greatest fully decentralized protocol and sustainably motivating the numerous moving components necessary for gTrade to be operated by its users.

The mechanism that converts gTrade customers into owners of the gTrade platform is Real Yield (which derives from fee-derived revenue). The introduction of $GNS Single Sided Staking, which granted $GNS investors an even bigger part of the Real Yield, was the first step toward realizing this ambition. The next step will enable these same token holders to control the platform.

Project Links:
Website - https://gainsnetwork.io/
Telegram - https://t.me/GainsNetwork
Twitter - https://twitter.com/GainsNetwork_io
Discord - https://discord.gg/Zj6Uub2wZ7
Medium - https://medium.com/gains-network
Documents - https://gains-network.gitbook.io/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 7, 2022