The pieces with the top 3 votes will win a GAINS-DAI Silo, Pre-loaded with DAI, plus LINK to create a personal Silo Manager

Gravity Finance - ART COMPETITION

"Silos" is the newest upcoming feature from the Gravity Finance team. Silos are a method for automating manual processes in the DeFi sector.

A Silo is a smart contract that is launched for a single user on the blockchain.

Specific "strategies" are pre-programmed into the deployed Silo code with a set of parameters that the individual user can adjust.

To prevent liquidations or to maximize profits, strategies might range from straightforward activities like automating yield-farm harvesting and compounding to more complicated ones like lending and borrowing with active monitoring and automatic loan rebalancing.

The Gravity Team will continuously add new strategies to the official "Strategy Catalogue," enabling users to deploy sophisticated methods with the push of a single button.

Gravity Finance Art Contest
Cash prizes to be won and your chance to try Silos before public release!

A numbered NFT is used to represent each deployed Silo strategy. These NFTs can be found alongside other NFTs on platforms like Opensea and are stored in the user's wallet. The Gravity team therefore wants the Silo NFT to be noticeable when seen on various platforms.

The Gravity Team will pick the pieces they like the most from the submissions. After submissions are closed there will be a public community vote via the Gravity Discord server.

The pieces with the top 3 votes will win a GAINS-DAI Silo, Pre-loaded with DAI, plus LINK to create a personal Silo Manager;

1st Place: $400 DAI Pre-loaded + 10 LINK
2nd Place: $200 DAI Pre-loaded + 5 LINK
3rd Place: $100 DAI Pre-loaded + 5 LINK

The Gravity Team will contact entrants with special access to the ongoing Beta before Silos are made public, however low/no-effort submissions will likely be ignored!T&C apply, see Guidelines and T&C below.

How to Enter:
Entering is easy! Upload your artwork and share via Twitter, making sure to Follow and Tag Gravity Finance and use the hashtags provided below (or simply copy/paste the below content and add your artwork or a link to your uploaded piece);

—--------------------------------- COPY AND PASTE CONTENT —---------------------------------
My Entry for @Gravity_Finance NFT Art competition for #SILOSRead about Silos and how Gravity are Automating and Changing DeFi in collaboration with @Chainlink


$GFI is #DeFi backed by #BTC @0xPolygon



Guidelines set forth by the Gravity Team:Artwork submissions should aim to use the Gravity Branding Guidelines, but artists can (and should) be creative;

For reference;

The “Gravity Orange” is #FFA600 (or R: 255 / G:166 / B: 0)

The Official Text is Montserrat

Logos and images can be found in our Media Kit

Artwork should show the Gravity Logo, Gravity Website ( GravityFinance.io )

Artwork should state somewhere “Silo”, “Gravity Silo”, or “Gravity Finance Silo” etcSubmissions can be still or animated, can contain sound/music (as long as royalty-free or with permission)

Here are some examples of Art Competition Entries this far:

Terms and Conditions:
Submissions end Monday 3rd of October 2022 at 9AM GMT+1.

Anyone can submit artwork to the competition.Submissions must be the user's own creation or have permission from the original creator to be used.

By submitting artwork to the competition, you grant Gravity Finance the right to use the artwork, without license or restriction, regardless of your placement in the votes or the outcome of the competition.

The Gravity team will pick the pieces they like the most for the pieces submitted and will then hold a public vote with the Discord community to pick a winner for the competition and the two runners up.

The public vote will be carried out the week of the 10th of October and a winner will be declared and announced at the end of that week, on Sunday the 16th of October.

The Gravity Team reserves the right to not use any of the submitted artwork for the final version of the NFT Art, but will honor the competition outcome for prizes based on the community vote.

Final “vote fixing” may result in disqualification!

We will contact the winners and runners up directly via Social Media for prize distribution.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 1, 2022