The $HANZO Token will be used in Staking to obtain token rewards, NFTs, or special drops from the staking pools in addition to being used as a governance token and to upgrade or exchange items on the market.

Hanzo is King of the blockchain hill!

Explore the forthcoming Open-World MMORPG led by an epic tale, breath-taking action and a lasting endgame.

The $HANZO Token is at the heart of this bustling ecosystem. The launch of their HANZO QuickSwap Dragon Syrup Pool was met with tremendous success accumulating over 500k TVL in less than 24 hours!

This was the first roadmap milestone pertaining to Marketing and Community Growth surely surpassed all expectations.

The $HANZO Token will be used in Staking to obtain token rewards,  NFTs, or special drops from the staking pools in addition to being used as a governance token and to upgrade or exchange items on the market.

The Vision of Hanzo - Long term, player-focused, endless fun!
Built utilizing Unity 3D and the blockchain.

The Hanzo development team places a strong emphasis on the "Play" component of the game since they believe that fun gameplay encourages users to stick with it. Simply said, just because a job pays well doesn't guarantee that everyone will enjoy their time at it. That sort of feeling shouldn't be in a game either.

$HANZO’s utility goes beyond just another Crypto Token, as players will be able to use it in a lot of interactions with the whole ecosystem and much more.

The Hanzo MMORPG's design aims to strike a compromise between gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Players will be rewarded with assets they genuinely own and can sell on a free market if they exhibit skill, effort, and/or loyalty. A low entrance barrier is necessary for widespread adoption along with smooth blockchain interactions without overpowering users.

The Hanzo ROADMAP Update - New features, always a step in front of competitors!
The team worked hard to provide countless updates to the community while staying engaged and strongly enhancing their bond with the users.

We talked to Fiddle, the project manager at Hanzo and he told us:

‘’A lot of time and talks went into this roadmap to deliver the very best for our community, I think it shows that we are here for the long-term. Focusing not just on the Hanzo Token and Game but a real long-term structure and utility.’’

A new and updated Roadmap has been released and it looks more than promising!

The Hanzo PlayZone, a revenue sharing system that rewards community members and Hanzo NFT Holders that participate in these Luck Based Games. Users will be able to play and interact with mini-games such as Hanzo Slots, Scratch Cards, Lottery and much more in order to generate revenue from winning, or profits being burned but also partially distributed to stakers.

We are personally excited for the Early Access to the Hanzo MMORPG and we can’t wait to play it!

Players will be able to explore the lore-driven landscape, complete a number of exciting quests, participate in PVE and PVP combat, play minigames, grow their professions, and gather resources for crafting in addition to choosing a unique character class and race.

By utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, there will be a decentralized in-game economy where users are the driving force. The community as a whole will determine how much the digital assets awarded during play are worth.

The Hanzo MMORPG will have a rich environment to discover through questing and exploring. Each quest will give the player a task to complete in order to gain an advantage. Rewards could be virtual or tokenized.

The Roadmap

Project Links
Website - https://www.hanzommorpg.com/
Discord - https://discord.gg/HzgXJyNzkd
Telegram - https://t.me/hanzoInu
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hanzo
$HANZO Token on QuickSwap - https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x37eb60f78e06c4bb2a5f836b0fc6bccbbaa995b3
Hanzo NFT Minting Page - https://dogira.finance/Hanzo

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 27, 2022