Explore the upcoming Open-World MMORPG, Hanzo! Where players are met with an immersive storyline, a refreshing combat system, itching gameplay and meaningful end-game that never gets old. Built using the blockchain and Unity 3D.

Hanzo MMORPG, a fair Play to Earn game with awesome NFTs and a cozy world to explore with your friends!

Explore the upcoming Open-World MMORPG, Hanzo! Where players are met with an immersive storyline, a refreshing combat system, itching gameplay and meaningful end-game that never gets old. Built using the blockchain and Unity 3D.

The Hanzo development team emphasizes on the  "Play" aspect of the game because they think that engaging gameplay is what motivates players to continue playing. Simply put, not everyone will love working a job just because it pays a respectable wage. A game shouldn't have that same sensation.

A harmonious balance between gamers and crypto enthusiasts will be achieved by the design of the Hanzo MMORPG. Players that demonstrate ability, effort, and/or loyalty will be rewarded with items they truly own and can freely trade on a free market. The devs are aware that widespread adoption needs a low entrance barrier. Without overwhelming a user, their objective is to create a seamless experience when engaging with the blockchain.

Hanzo developers are eager to develop the game in conjunction with their community. Their goal is to often have AMAs, dev talks, presentations, and informal live streaming of Work in Progress (WIP) throughout development to get direct feedback from their potential player base. You will occasionally be able to actively participate in conversations about game design and follow the project's development.

Hanzo is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created on the Polygon Blockchain with Unity 3D and Smart Contracts.

Forge 21 Crypto Game Studios created the game.

In addition to selecting a special character class and race, players will be able to explore the lore-driven environment, accomplish a number of interesting missions, engage in PVE and PVP combat, play minigames, advance in their professions, and harvest resources for crafting. There will be a decentralized in-game economy where the players are the driving force by incorporating blockchain technology. The worth of digital assets awarded during play will be decided by the community as a whole.

In game economy
The capacity to develop robust in-game economies in traditional MMORPGs allows players to improve their abilities and immediately profit from their efforts through trade on a market. Players that participate in community-driven economies believe that every minute spent grinding and gathering materials for crafting is worthwhile since their contributions directly affect the experience of others.

Blockchain technology enhances this experience by enabling players to get tokens and NFT incentives for their efforts that they actually own. Outside of the game, tokens and NFTs may be exchanged for cash on a decentralized exchange or on online markets.
Through questing and exploring, the Hanzo MMORPG will present a rich world to discover. Each quest will present the Player with a task to do in order to earn a benefit. Rewards might be virtual or tokenized (as in tokens or NFTs) (In-game Items or Progress).

The $HANZO token will be used as a Governance token on the DAO, to upgrade or trade items on the marketplace and to also stake it to earn token rewards, NFTs, or exclusive drops from the staking pools.

NFT Collection and Giveaway
As a holder of a Hanzo NFT, which is currently priced at only 100 $MATIC you will gain some early founder benefits, including an unique profile picture and in-game character skin, exclusive NFT and in-game drops based on rarity and traits.
NFT Holders will also periodically acquire loot boxes depending on their NFTs rarity and traits, with cool goodies such as Legendary Mounts, Limited Cosmetics and more.
The ‘Hanzo Founder’ title in the Hanzo Official Discord and access to private NFT holders only chat.
Whitelisting for future NFT sales such as Lands, Races, Chests and more.

Here is an example of the Templar Traits for the awesome NFT collection:

The developers are working on a new NFT collection that will be airdropped to current NFT holders.

Currently the Hanzo Team is holding a Giveaway as Minting Bonus Rewards, to be shared among NFT buyers and holders.

We think this project is very ambitious, the MMORPG aspect is truly great, the graphics of the game are high quality and we are looking forward to play it! Mint your NFT now for 100 $MATIC and enter the universe of Hanzo MMORPG!

Project Links:
Website - https://www.hanzommorpg.com/
Discord - https://discord.gg/HzgXJyNzkd
Telegram - https://t.me/hanzoInu
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hanzo
$HANZO Token on QuickSwap - https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x37eb60f78e06c4bb2a5f836b0fc6bccbbaa995b3
Hanzo NFT Minting Page - https://dogira.finance/Hanzo

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jun 26, 2022