https://gamexplorer.io/ acts as a storefront for these ERC20 Cartridges where people can check on new releases and purchase software, this is the first Steam-like full fledged platform on any blockchain with a downloadable launcher/interface for the PC and more.

HashUp - The games and software distribution platform that will change GameFi forever!

HashUp is a platform for distributing software built around digital cartridges, which serve as licensing carriers. Cartridges are open source and work with DeFi and cryptocurrency wallets. The license produced cannot be falsified. Its development is easy and doesn't require understanding of blockchain technology, and the creator establishes the regulations of trade with the license.

Physical licensed media like cassette tapes and floppy disks were developed in the 1970s. They served as both the license and the software carriers. Because of the way the license was created, the software carrier also served as the vehicle for the license that gave us access to the program. We had access to the software through the carrier. There was a limited market for games because of game shops, and their pricing on the secondary market mirrored their caliber.

Although this made it possible for software to be freely exchanged, the developer lost out because they were unable to manage or profit from the physical secondary market. Additionally, actual licensed material is easily breakable or lost. You had to physically visit the store to purchase a game, which required additional time.

Digital software distribution systems like Steam, Epic Games, and GOG have evolved as a result of technological advancements. Convenience is the primary characteristic of digital dissemination. However, it has deprived us of the private aspect of the license we buy by removing the actual physical media of the software. Only the account linked to the platform is given a permanent license for the software. This stops any trading that takes place off these platforms. Additionally, the absence of the proprietary structure of trade causes the dissemination of software to become increasingly centralized. Like physical merchants, not everyone can launch an online gaming store. Developers who act against their better judgment risk having their revenue stolen by the traffic-generating platform in an instant.

It is also important to bring up the extreme digital distribution model, or subscription model, which is gaining popularity. In this approach, subscribers pay a charge to access games on the platform. The platform freely handles the available titles, and the subscription model results in a stronger centralization of software distribution than ever before.

HashUp - The intelligent solution
HashUp has returned control of games to players by decentralizing the license holder base using blockchain technology. Games can be owned exactly the same way as tangible media using ERC20 Cartridges.

A secondary market for software can be created by utilizing the ERC20 standard medium for software licensing. At the same time, creators are happy since players pay arbitrary high costs to exchange the medium. A player can always sell his game thanks to this technique. Due to the HashUp Cartridge standard's compatibility with ERC20, all decentralized exchanges can offer liquidity for licenses. Furthermore, the Automated Market Making process, which determines the price of the software, does not depend on a third party and just needs people who can provide liquidity. In addition, the author will profit from each sale of the license, copy, or article.

Smart contracts make it feasible to pay the software's creator, the platform, or the individual who provided the reflink right away. In addition, transactions with authors are now more transparent than ever because of the blockchain's openness.

At the moment, we are unable to purchase any software licenses using Metamask or smart contracts and must instead purchase P2P games. HashUp uses ERC20 Cartridges to address this issue; primary market purchases are made via smart contracts similar to those made for initial coin offerings (ICO), and secondary market purchases are made via DEX using contracts with liquidity pools.

The ERC20 Cartridge
On the blockchain, a software license carrier is called an ERC20 Cartridge. Similar to how each game formerly had its own distinct and independent series of cartridges, floppy disks, or CDs, each game now has its own ERC20 Cartridge. The cartridge is a homogeneous entity, just like the ERC20 standard. This indicates that a game X cartridge can be swapped out for another game X cartridge. The utility for homogenous tokens can be used to establish a whole ecosystem of contracts that are compatible with the ERC20 standard. The main advantage of the ERC20 Cartridge is that, like with a physical distribution, you can utilize the program if you have more than one cartridge.

https://gamexplorer.io/ acts as a storefront for these ERC20 Cartridges where people can check on new releases and purchase software, this is the first Steam-like full fledged platform on any blockchain with a downloadable launcher/interface for the PC and more.


The supply of the token will be 1,000,000,000. For more information about the Tokenomics please refer to this LINK as it is a work in progress.

We think this project will truly revolutionize gaming on the blockchain while offering players a platform to find all their favorite games. The team is very ambitious about their goals and the work they have already done is a token of their engagement towards the community and all interested parties.

Project Links:

Website - https://hashup.it/
Telegram - https://t.me/HashUpChat
Discord - https://discord.gg/ZxwhHb7R9e
Medium - https://medium.com/@HashUp
Twitter - https://twitter.com/HashUp_it
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hashup.it/
Telegram Announcements - https://t.me/HashUpAnnouncements

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 19, 2022