The CREW plans to help the environment through taking part in an initiative sponsored by Powered By Polygon and support endangered species through purchasing NFTS from their partner project Petto, who donates 15% of sales to help at risk animals


Crypto Crew Arrives to Save the Crypto Universe

Back in the 1980s, Welsh singer Bonny Taylor had a hit song, Holding Out for a Hero, that rocketed to the top of the charts. In this iconic ballad, she crooned these words.

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the streetwise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.
He's gotta be strong, and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light.
He's gotta be sure, and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life.

The Crypto universe is in danger. A group of sinister villains has launched an all-out attack, threatening the very existence of the industry. Once bustling blockchains have been bombarded by the Bear market, hounded by hackers, ruined by ruggers, destroyed by dumpers, and fractured by formidable foes like FUD, FOMO, and the FED. It seems that every attempt to prop up the industry through governmental digital dictates, meme mania, or sensational shills by YouTube yahoos has proven to be fruitless. Can anyone save the crypto world from utter destruction? Can these villains be stopped before it’s too late? The blockchain is “holding out for a hero.” Enter the CRYPTO CREW.

The Genesis of the Crypto Crew
In January of this year, Tony (aka The MATIC MAN), decided to dive headfirst into the NFT pool. With the global fascination with superheroes, he created a set of 10 crypto “superheroes” based on the projects that seemed to have the most long-term potential. He designed this set based on what he thought the top 10 crypto projects of the future would be and gave these projects superhero names.

Card #1 is BITMAN, representing the original cryptocurrency that is the undisputed leader of the market, Bitcoin. The second entry in the set is ETHER, representing Ethereum, followed by the founder’s namesake, The MATIC MAN, representing his favorite project, Polygon MATIC. Other cards in the set are ADA (Cardano ADA), XRP, AVALANCHE (AVAX), SOL (Solana), CRO, FANTOM, and MANA (Decentraland).

After the idea was birthed, he connected with artist Max Acrone (@MaxAcrone), who began to work on taking what was in Tony’s head and developing an attractive set. Max, a rising star in the graphic design industry with vast experience in the NFT space, exceeded all expectations, with the original art consisting of an animated, two-sided set of 10 superheroes.

The Team Comes Together
Although armed with a very attractive set of art, it was quickly apparent that a successful NFT project required a team. Tony shelved the project for several months and focused on his work in the Polygon community, which included working for several projects and writing a weekly article for the MaticNews. In the course of time, connections made through interactions with the community led to the formation of a team.

The first to join the CREW was Manny (@lekrakenpv), a Californian with Mexican roots, who is a familiar face in the NFT space. Always smiling, his encouraging words and positivity breathe life into every arena he enters. Tony and Manny had worked together on another project and developed a close friendship. It was Manny’s encouragement that was the initial impetus to push forward with the project. Manny, who assumed the role of Head of Marketing for the CRYPTO CREW, expressed his excitement about his involvement in the endeavor. “I couldn’t be more honored and prouder to be a part of this core team. The team behind this project has some of the most well-known people in the Polygon community."

A somewhat chance meeting brought Cory Roberts (@cory_roberts16) to the team. Cory, a Canadian easily recognizable by his long beard, and Tony became fast friends, leading to Cory’s decision to become Community Manager for the CREW. “I am super honored to be part of this amazing project and core team,” commented Cory. “It’s been a dream come true. To be able to work alongside such incredibly talented people has been amazing.” Cory introduced Stotteyman (@Stotteyman) to the team, and he assumed the role of Community Collaborator. Stottey, a native Californian currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, has helped build a close-knit, engaged Discord community in a very short time.

The CRYPTO CREW was also able to retain the services of the man known in NFT circles as The Meme Lord (@YupThatsB). As his name indicates, his graphic design skills are next level, and his creative genius combined with Manny’s incredible people skills have greatly elevated the project. The Meme Lord loves to use his talents to help various projects get more exposure. “We’re lucky to have this opportunity within the crypto space and especially on Polygon. I’ve been able to work beside some brilliant people who want to make things better and influence positive change. Thrilled I’m able to assist!”

When the need for a group of ambassadors for the project was discussed, Tony knew exactly who to approach about heading up the Heroes Program. Tony had worked with Victoria (@Iamveektoria) on another project and had seen firsthand the incredible skills she possesses. She has been given the nickname, “Super Veek”, and the tireless work of one of the leading Women in Web3 justify her moniker. She is also excited to be a part of the CREW. “They say the team behind a project determines the success of the project. The Crypto Crew NFTs have one of the strongest, goal-driven, determined, and positive teams I have seen. I am super proud to be part of the core team. Working with the CRYPTO CREW has helped me see the importance of community and get a better view of the possibilities of Web3. I couldn't have asked for a better team and project with huge potential to be part of.”

The CRYPTO CREW is also extremely fortunate to have partnerships with 0xPioneers and SIVA Coin. Both teams are new to the space but already making a huge impact on many projects. Brian (@Brianin802), one of the co-founders of 0xPioneers, is a developer par excellence and is well ahead of the curve with his innovative approach to smart contracts. His expertise has been a game-changer for numerous projects like Space Skellies, Lost Hope Society, and Arkadia, in addition to the CRYPTO CREW. Ryan (@PoweredByPoly), one of the company’s other co-founders and the founder of Powered By Polygon, will help organize the DAO for the CREW. In addition, SIVA’s revolutionary Engage-2-Earn platform has been instrumental in building a vibrant Discord community. SIVA co-founders Joe (@CyrexxOG) and Lars (@MBeringei) have played an important role in promoting the project and helping address any security concerns.

When investor Kevin O’Leary is looking for projects in which to invest, there is one factor that is a priority. “First is team. If I check the box on team – smart guys, good engineers, good strategy, good group – I’m interested.” The CRYPTO CREW checks the box on team.

Much More Than Just Art
“I hesitate to call the CRYPTO CREW an NFT project, as many people think only of NFTS as glorified jpegs,” the founder of the CREW commented. “Our project is much more than art, as minting an NFT is not the end game but really just the beginning. The NFT is your ticket into the CRYPTO CREW universe, an immersive world filled with utility.”

An engaging Play-2-Earn game will be developed, one that will be somewhat of a mixture of Mario Brothers and Street Fighter, as the NFT that CREW members mint is entered into this struggle for the survival of the crypto universe. Traveling from major city to major city, the superhero collects various cryptos, hoping to fill his bag with $1 trillion, a figure which allows him to advance to the next city. While collecting the digital dollars, the superhero is confronted by villains like Bear, Hacker, Scam, Greed, Rugger, Black Swan, Red Candle, FED, FOMO, and FUD. These evil enemies of crypto seek to empty the crypto bag of the superhero before the superhero can advance to the next city. Regular tournaments will be conducted, rewards will be distributed for high scores, and a global tournament is in the roadmap as well.

Tony refers to the CRYPTO CREW as a 3M project, featuring merchandise, music, and a metaverseexperience. CRYPTO CREW apparel and accessories are planned for the near future, so the community can sport their favorite superhero. The project is also exploring multiple metaverse options, understanding the importance of providing a virtual, immersive space for the community to interact and find enjoyment. A unique aspect of the project is its emphasis on music, as the team has produced a CRYPTO CREW song as well as individual songs for each superhero that will be available as NFTs. “For example, if you own a BITMAN NFT,” said Tony, “you will be given access the BITMAN song in NFT form.” The music has been well-received by the community and adds a layer to the project that helps it to stand out in the crowded NFT space.

With a comic book and a cartoon also on the horizon, it’s clear that this project is much more than art.

Giving the Community a Voice
“CRYPTO CREW is not The MATIC MAN’s project,” Tony was quick to say. “It’s not even a project belonging to our core team. The project belongs to our community.”

With this in mind, a DAO is being formed with the intent to give the community a voice. Everyone who mints an NFT will be given membership into the CRYPTO CREW DAO, and all members, no matter the number of NFTs owned, will have one vote when matters are brought before the DAO. This helps ensure an equal voice for all and protects the CREW from a minority having control of the direction of the project.

Those with more investment in the project, however, will have the opportunity to enter the Circle of Heroes, reserved for community members who have minted all 10 superheroes. This group will have special access to the core team via a monthly meeting and can give input on items that may need to be brought to the DAO to be decided upon.

Accrue a $CREW Token
Another exciting aspect of the project is the option to mint an NFT that harvests the native token of the project, $CREW. Those who mint can choose either a standard NFT for 40 MATIC or an NFT that is stakable for 100 MATIC. The NFT that harvests tokens serves a DeFi function as a type of yield farming.

The League of Heroes
The CRYPTO CREW is lining up partnerships at a rapid pace, with 20 collaborations confirmed and more to come. When a partnership agreement is reached, the project is inducted into the League of Heroes, and the CREW strives to promote their partners whenever possible. A weekly event is Friendship Friday, an opportunity to invite new partners announced during the week to present their vision as well as have partners who have presented before to return to give an update.

“We really value our partners,” Tony said. “We want to do all we can to help them. It may be a cliché, but I do believe that true success comes from making others successful.”

Giving Back
Tony was clear about the priorities of this project. “It is important to give back…to try to make a difference. We want to make the world a better place.”

The CREW plans to help the environment through taking part in an initiative sponsored by Powered By Polygon and support endangered species through purchasing NFTS from their partner project Petto, who donates 15% of sales to help at risk animals. Finally, there are plans to partner with Angel Alliance to support a charity chosen by the DAO.

Real Heroes Have Arrived
In a day and age of greed, scams, and rug pulls, Tony is encouraged by what he sees as the prevailing personalities of Polygon People. “I have met so many genuine people in the last few months. Founders like EJ (Space Skellies), Tyler (Lost Hope Society), Joe and Lars (SIVA Coin), Ryan and Brian (315 Guild), Samantha (Meta Mystics), the Rabid DAO team, and so many others give me great hope for the future of crypto. The way they treat others and their desire to give back to the community…they are real heroes. We believe the CRYPTO CREW community will be heroes as well.”

Written By

The Matic Man

Sep 3, 2022