A new era for Impermax has begun with the launch of IBEX. Since the beginning of this project, nearly two years have passed and numerous milestones have been reached.

IMPERMAX - Yield Farming without Impermanent Loss and the launch of $IBEX Token

Impermax makes it possible to provide indirect liquidity, currently operating on Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom and Arbitrum. Accordingly, lenders who offer liquidity can lend money to other lenders who will utilize it to generate AMM yields and split the profits with the lender. The borrower bears the entire risk of impermanent loss. With no risk of temporary loss, the indirect liquidity provider is free to yield farm.

Some yield farmers (also known as AMM Liquidity Providers) want to stop impermanent loss while still earning yield. Other farmers who produce more yield are more interested in increasing their profits than caring for impermanent loss. Both of these issues are resolved by Impermax by enabling risk-averse farmers to lend money to more adventurous farmers. Transaction fees and liquidity mining generate returns for liquidity providers. Users of Impermax can significantly alter the risk and rewards of these yields.

The launch of IBEX Token

A new era for Impermax has begun with the launch of IBEX. Since the beginning of this project, nearly two years have passed and numerous milestones have been reached. With the development of the Impermax community through the successful introduction of a novel DeFi technology.

The IBEX token transfer will provide the initiative some much-needed air. With the use of this token, the project is transitioning to a new brand identity that embraces the Ibex meme which originated in their Discord group. The IBEX token is intended to be the one that decentralizes Impermax and returns ownership to its users. The project's name will continue to be Impermax, and its long-term goals will be consistent with the platform’s original vision.

IBEX will be tradable on Quickswap and claimable on Polygon as of Friday, September 30 at 12 p.m. UTC.
IBEX and the previous standard IMX share a lot of similarities. The Impermax DAO, which is the owner of the Impermax protocol, will continue to be under the jurisdiction of the governance token. However, there are certain adjustments that will be made immediately and some that will come later.

The safety module will replace stakes as it was known for IMX. In order to receive a staking reward, token owners can deposit their IBEX in the safety module. For Impermax, the safety module will function as an insurance fund. By burning the unclaimed airdrops, the starting supply of IBEX has been decreased to 87,250,000.The team has also included the option to trigger a 2% inflation rate in the new token contract after the initial 4-year emission timetable has concluded. The inflation rate may be set by the DAO at any point between 0% and 2%. The DAO will have complete discretion over how to use these tokens.

We really like the direction and evolution Impermax has been going through the past year, with the new IBEX Token just around the corner, the passionate development team is showing time and time again they are here for the long run and that their community engagement and innovations will never cease!

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 29, 2022