DLTA - utility token. Traders pay a trading commission in the token and can get up to 50% discounts if they are holders of the appropriate amount of DLTA tokens.

Introduction to Options Trading protocol delta.theta

deltatheta is the protocol for decentralized options trading and an industry game-changer for crypto trading services for financial institutions.

Why options can be interesting for traders. Because only in options market pays for you if you would like to buy or sell at a better price, for example.

deltatehta, on the technical layer, has unique features compared to others. deltatheta is EVM-friendly. So, today the protocol supports Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and AUROR/Near. For launching a new chain, the team needs a few days maximum. Any ERC 20 token can be launched within 1 hour.

deltatheta: unique technical features and straightforward UX/UI

The delta.theta developers are a team of traders; thus, they created the product for traders. Any trader can BUY and SELL options (covered now and margin in December). You can place market and limit orders with unlimited strikes and expirations.

Moreover, you can close the position on sold options. And all orders and trades are on-chain. It means that you place an order, and you can find this order in the appropriate blockchain explorer.

deltatheta uses RFQ approach and has strong relationships with market makers. If you are looking for something special in part of the volume, strike, or expiration date, you can ping MM in TG chat and get quotes.

From the point of UX/UI experience, the protocol is straightforward.

  1. Desire a trading pair
  2. Current price of the underlying asset
  3. Terms of the deal
  4. Creating a limit order (reduced commission)
  5. Open position management
  6. Transaction history
  7. Selecting the terminal design mode — light/dark theme
  8. Selecting a blockchain
  9. Options execution date
  10. Creating a market order
  11. Market orders zone
  1. Purchase price
  2. Sale price
  3. Open interest (number of transactions concluded)
  4. Expected volatility
  5. Theoretical (reference, possible average) options price (premium size)
  6. Delta greek
  7. Options strike

It should be noted that the protocol has vertical integration with EVM chains and horizontal integration with other protocols. When you place a sell limit order and participate in LIP (Liquidity Incentivization Program), you can stake on Venus (BSC) or Compound (Ethereum) and AAVE (Ethereum/Polygon in V3) on your collateral. You place an order and start to earn.

deltatheta: in a few words about DLTA token

DLTA - utility token. Traders pay a trading commission in the token and can get up to 50% discounts if they are holders of the appropriate amount of DLTA tokens. In the V3 terminal, traders will pay margin fees in DLTA also. deltatheta distributes protocol fees among MMs, which provide quotes on terminals for traders. MMs burn tokens. Total supply 99 112 773. The circulating supply is more than 60 mln tokens. MM burned around 1.0 mln DLTA tokens.


deltatheta: game-changer for crypto trading services for financial institutions

deltatheta delivered unique solutions for financial institutions - licensed decentralization. deltatheta and Just2Trade will offer unique trading services for the clients. This service allows customers to trade options in a decentralized way in a regulated area. All clients pass KYC/AML and access the ecosystem where they can trade with their wallets. Thus, customers are transparent to brokerage houses. Customers trade from their wallets with others and broker can not freeze their assets. Our first client - Just2Trade  has provided brokerage services since 2007 and is trusted by 155,000 clients from 130 countries (ESMA/CySEC regulation).

The delta.theta service for financial institutions is free; it uses a revenue share approach. Any financial institution can launch crypto trading in less than 24 hours with delta.theta.

Project Links
Website - https://deltatheta.tech/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/deltatheta_tech
Telegram - https://t.me/deltatheta
TG Announcements - https://t.me/DeltathetaNEWS
Medium - https://optiondeltatheta.medium.com/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 16, 2022