They say that every dog has its day. The Web3 world seems primed and ready for an Engage-To-Earn platform like SIVA. “We are developing the easiest to use Web3 project you’ll ever see,” said Lars.


With Its Exciting Engage-To-Earn Platform, SIVA Is Teaching the Old Discord “Dog” New Tricks

It seems that the crypto world has “gone to the dogs.” There are a plethora of canine cryptos that have been unleashed in the crypto community, with Shibas, Kishus, Corgis, and Yukis, among others, roaming around in this dog-eat-dog space. There is an exciting new Web3 platform that is determined not to let the social media sleeping dog lie.

SIVA, a unique Engage-to-Earn (E2E) Ecosystem and free Discord-Level-Bot powered by Web3 Technology, is the brainchild of Ew0x Labs, the company behind this exciting new platform. The SIVA name is derived from the name of the beloved black Belgian Malinois Shepherd belonging toEw0x Labs Co-Founder Jörn Szech. Having this playful pup as the mascot for the project is entirely appropriate.  The team calls Siva its guard dog and engagement expert, commenting that “Malinois are known for their extreme, sometimes over-the-top liveliness,” and said that she is “a beautiful Groenendael...crazy for engagements since she was a little puppy.” Kristin, who oversees UX/UI design for the project, called Siva “the most engaging animal we’ve ever met, the perfect match for an Engage2Earn Ecosystem.”

Siva, the beloved dog of Co-Founder Jörn

What exactly is an Engage-to-Earn protocol? Although this idea did not originate with the SIVA team, it is still a relatively new concept, and the team has added some unique layers to it. Justin, who is a Developer for SIVA, gave this overview. “The concept of SIVA is truly unique, as we connect Web3 projects and make them more accessible by streamlining and unitizing coin and token distribution. This is how we bring Web3 to the masses, rewarding users for interactions with coins and tokens from our partners, in an astonishing easy-to-access and engaging way. Anyone can use our Engage2Earn Ecosystem on their own server for free in less than a minute. The ecosystem is currently available for Discord Servers (Siva Bot) and will expand to Telegram Groups and Slack Teams in the future.”

Tanja, who is responsible for art direction for the project, spoke about SIVA’s goals.“Our goal is to offer everyone easy access to ecosystems of hand-picked,serious Web3 projects. For our partners, this means more potential users, simplified user onboarding, and greater reach with the best possible target group coverage.”

When you speak with some of the core members of the SIVA team, the conversation will often turn to the importance of security. Jörn, also known as Joe, serves as the CTO and is one of the top security minds in Web 3. In addition to taking care of his precocious pup, he has worked for 27 years in the IT industry, including a stint at the prestigious KPMG as an Security Auditor (IRM – Information and Risk Management). He now works full-time for Ew0x Labs as their lead developer and takes security seriously.  When discussing why SIVA picked Polygon, his passion for protecting users was evident. “There are many reasons we chose the Polygon blockchain for our project. Polygon is fast, reliable, carbon free (and 2022 carbon negative) and has cheap transaction fees, but first and foremost, it is a secure network.”

SIVA is a family affair, as Jörn and co-founder Lars are brothers, and the core team has known each for many years, previously collaborating on several successful non-Web3 projects. Lars, the CEO who focuses primarily on Public Relations, has been actively involved in the crypto space for 10 years. His previous experience includes time as anIT consultant, with roots in Atari 2400 and C64. According to the team, “His strong social and marketing skills are now 100% dedicated to the growth and development of Ew0x Labs and the Sivacoin Ecosystem.” Although his forte is in another area than his brother, Lars is equally concerned with security. “SIVA has a strong focus on security and ease of use, and makes this knowledge available to its partners and friends as well.”

In addition to the Engage-To-Earn function, SIVA has a number of other use cases. Philipp, described by team members as their resident “crypto expert who owns more NFTs than socks,” spoke about the value proposition of the protocol. “Users earn μSIVA for interactions, which can be withdrawn into coins and tokens from other serious Web3 projects, KYC’d and hand-selected by the Ew0x Labs Team. Opening the doors to an exclusive list of cool new and established Web3 projects like Play-to-Earn Games, DAOs, NFTs and many more. We offer a win-win situation for both, our users,and Partners (we prefer to say Friends). Users can test and try out new projects easily and take part in their Ecosystem in an instant.”

Building in a Bear Market is not easy, but the SIVA protocol has been significant progress already on their roadmap. Joe gave this update on the platform’s progress. “The first milestone was to develop and test a proof-of-concept prototype for all parts of the Sivacoin E2E Ecosystem on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, which we accomplished in March 2022, followed by an intense 30 days testing period with early adopters. Deploying and testing the Sivacoin (ERC-20 Token) and Mintpass NFT (ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token) contracts on the Polygon Matic mainnet was our second Milestone, reached in May 2022. Our third milestone (reached June 2022) was to implement a web dashboard and make custom configurations of the ecosystem more accessible to Discord administrators. The ongoing milestone four was reached in July 2022 – connecting with other Web3 projects, the start of our Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.”

The SIVA team is one of the hardest working groups in Web3. They send out daily motivational tweets, attend numerous Twitter Spaces and AMAs, and make themselves available to assist other projects. They are also heavily involved in POWERED BY POLYGON, an exciting new group comprised of founders of Polygon projects who collaborate to push each other’s projects forward. Lars’ comment that “We live the Web3 family spirit” is more than mere words; it is shown through their daily interactions with others in the community.

These words found in the SIVA docs are lived out in their interactions with others. “For us (the Siva Team), collaborations are more than just business opportunities, our collaborators are friends. We support our friends in all areas, like blockchain development, tokenomics, marketing, motivation, mental health, and many more.” Joe remarked, “We recently met an amazing group of Polygon developers, who became our friends. Web3 connects people from all over the world, all races, all colors, all religions. That’s what we love most about Web3.”

The project is also offering incentives to help accelerate adoption of their Engage-To-Earn model. Justin gave this snapshot of some of the exciting “extras” offered by SIVA to encourage users to try their platform. “We have a customer incentive program on our roadmap, with benefits like free Mintpass NFTs, free merchandise for NFT holders, and airdrops of tokens, that will be revealed once we hit the milestones. As an incentive for new partners, we offer to provide a negotiable amount of Mintpass NFTs, so that their users can use our ecosystem in its entirety and withdraw all supported coins and tokens.”

They say that every dog has its day. The Web3 world seems primed and ready for an Engage-To-Earn platform like SIVA. “We are developing the easiest to use Web3 project you’ll ever see,” said Lars.

If early returns are any indicator, it is clear that with their E2E protocol, SIVA is not barking up the wrong tree.

Learn more about SIVA:
Website: https://siva.gg/
Mint Pass: https://siva.gg/minting
Documentation: https://docs.siva.gg/
Whitepaper: https://sivacoin.github.io/whitepaper/Siva-Engage2Earn-Ecosystem-Whitepaper.pdf
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wM8Td3EREq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sivacoin
OpenSea: https://opensea.io/sivacoin

Written By

The Matic Man

Aug 15, 2022