You receive a passive daily income of 1 $KNIGHT token by keeping a Knight NFT in your wallet. As demonstrated in the image above, you can raise this by upgrading your Knight on your dAPP profile page.

Knights and Peasants, a full fledged Base Building P2E Game with RPG Aspects coming to Polygon!

Initially developed on the Harmony blockchain, Knights & Peasants is a play-to-earn idle simulation game that is coming to Polygon and ETH soon. You may farm, go on quests, craft things, and create your own Kingdom.

The development team is committed to giving gamers a wide variety of options for expanding their economies in order to create a pleasant and engaging experience. You can either concentrate on training your Knights to get stronger and to gather useful epic goods and do quests, or you can depend more on your Peasants to boost your economy.

There isn't a single, ideal approach to build your kingdom.

On the Knights and Peasants Marketplace, every item can be freely traded with other players, fostering a market driven by supply and demand.

The P2E project Knights & Peasants is still under development. A city-building game where you can own your own territory and create a flourishing Kingdom is what the team is aiming for.

In Knights and Peasants, players will be able to place a variety of different buildings on their lands including Alchemy Labs, Jousting Arenas, Tanneries, Barracks and much more. All buildings will be upgrade-able by using items found during quests or crafted by Peasants. Upgraded structures will unlock new crafting recipes and provide a plethora of improvements and bonuses to your Kingdom. Additionally you will be able to gather specific items in order to craft decorative statues, trees, gardens etc to fully customize how your Kingdom looks!

The Knights & Peasants ecosystem revolves around the Knight NFT. A total of 5000 Knight NFTs exist. On March 26, 2022, this NFT collection became live on the Harmony blockchain and was completely sold out three days later.

The questing system is still under construction and will be centered on knight holders, who are a crucial component of the tokenomics.

The following basic stats apply to every Knight: Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Chivalry. Each Knight begins with the identical starting stats. Despite the low starting points of these foundation stats, a Knight can advance and get stronger as they level up.

You receive a passive daily income of 1 $KNIGHT token by keeping a Knight NFT in your wallet. As demonstrated in the image above, you can raise this by upgrading your Knight on your dAPP profile page.

They form the basis of any robust economy and will have the freedom to shape their own futures inside the Kingdom and will be of enormous benefit to Players as they grow. Peasants have a chance at becoming any of a number of occupations, including farmer, alchemist, or blacksmith.

This profession is randomly chosen and determined at the moment of minting.

In a wage farm, peasants risk their time in exchange for experience points. They can advance to a higher rank by honing their craft and gaining greater expertise. They are Novice, Amateur, Advanced, Competent, Expert, and Grand Master, respectively.

Items can be acquired via quests and item vendors.
There is a seller for each accessible Peasant. The item merchant will have a randomly selected assortment of products for sale. Wage tokens can be used to buy the items, therefore you would use wFarmer to buy things from the Farmer vendor and wAlchemist to buy things from the Alchemist vendor. Items are differentiated by three categories:
Consumables - You would use them to boost your character during quests, they are one time use.

Equipment - When taken on a quest, they will provide various bonus stats such as +1 attack.

Materials - These are used mainly for crafting various things within the Kingdom and also the main resources for building up your base.

Wage Farms, what are they?
A robust economy serves as the cornerstone of any great monarchy. Wage Tokens, which are essential to our ecosystem and are used, among other things, to buy Items, are given to players through wage farms. The Wage Farms are similar to Yield Farms in that you can receive tokens based on how much you invested in the pool in comparison to other pool participants. You can start earning Wage tokens in the Wage farms if you have LP tokens staked in our Yield Farm. The dAPP contains the wage farms, which can be thought of as a "extension" of the yield farm: https://knightsandpeasants.one/#/farms

The developers are working very hard to deliver the Questing system.
You will do these quests through your web browser as usual, they will feature strong RPG components like advancement over time, finding new things, and leveling up.

For the benefit of your Kingdom, you will send your Knights out into the world to fend off dangerous robbers, explore unusual places, and gather intriguing items.

You can send a Knight on quests with Peasants and Items by choosing randomly generated daily quests from the World Map. You can select 1 Knight, up to 3 Peasants, and up to 4 Items for each quest. It is up to you to choose the greatest choice here in order to maximize the quest's chances of success.

This is how the World Map will look like:

Questing begins at the World map interface, which is accessed using the dAPP. Every day, new quests will appear on the map ( clickable exclamation marks). Some of them are campaign quests, but the majority are purely random. Where the quests spawn, along with their prerequisites and rewards, are determined by the random quest generator. The team will continue to develop the quest generator to ensure that each quest is different.

An excerpt of the exceptional lore!
‘‘King Demetrius ruled Rensmira in what is known as the Age of Dark. With aggressive policies towards neighboring kingdoms and a demand for expensive tithes from his surrounding client states, many kingdoms feared and despised Rensmira. The militaristic culture of Rensmira demanded that citizens participate in combat training, causing many to hide in their homes and keep their families hidden away from census-takers.

Petran was a child during the height of his father’s rule. Being groomed for his eventual position as king, Petran was often present during military briefings and strategic meetings with Rensmira’s top generals. From a young age he was exposed to the ruthless nature of his father’s rule, and he despised it.

Petran began his combat training when he was a young teenager. While preparing for the eventual succession of his father, he slowly realized he had the power to undermine the king and take the throne.’’

We love where this project is going, it has all the right cogs and wheels to become a widespread success. Who doesn’t love a full fledged RPG/City Building game with outstanding lore, a very ambitious and passionate team and most importantly cool engaging gameplay?

Project Links:
Website - https://knightsandpeasants.one/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/KnightsPeasants
Discord - https://discord.com/channels/@me/999625360889098332

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 23, 2022