Today, October 14th at 8 PM CET the Whitelist Mint will be made available, the outstanding Art will also be revealed! At 10 PM CET the Public mint will be enabled.

Knights and Peasants - Polygon Mint LIVE TODAY 14 October!

Knights & Peasants is a play-to-earn idle simulation game that was first launched on the Harmony blockchain and will be available today on the Polygon Network. You will be able to farm, undertake quests, make goods, and establish your own Kingdom.

In order to provide a pleasurable and interesting experience, the development team is dedicated to giving players a wide variety of alternatives for growing their economies. Either focus more on raising your Peasants to increase your economy, or train your Knights to get stronger, obtain useful epic items, and complete missions. There isn't just one best way to establish your dominion.

The game is both visually stunning and complex, players will have a great time interacting with the Kingdom, growing their professions and population while sending Knights and Peasants alike on quests to bring great loot back to their Ruler (you).

The Knight NFTs
There are 50 various Knight traits, with a focus on their armor, swords, and helmets.

The Knights & Peasants ecosystem revolves around the Knight NFT. A total of 5000 Knight NFTs will exist. Questing is the primary method in the ecosystem for earning $KNP tokens. Your chance of success and revenue yield on quests increases as you have more powerful Knights.

The following basic stats apply to every Knight: Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Charisma. The NFT qualities have an impact on some of these foundation values, while full randomness affects others. With a rare weapon, your Knight will have a slight stat point advantage, making it simpler for you to complete quests and boosting your earning potential. By upgrading it and using goods that raise a Knight's stat points, you can make your Knight stronger.

Tokenomics and Polygon Launch Features
Two methods will be used to emit the $KNP token: a KNP-MATIC yield farm and questing. A yield farm aids in increasing the project's liquidity, making it simpler to exchange the $KNP token, while questing emissions provide active gameplay-based earning opportunities.

The Token Launch will be on October 21th and the total Supply will be of 40M. To encourage early funders, the farm and questing rewards are both increased over the first several weeks.

Knights will not feature any innate emissions. The passive earning method of yield farming and the active earning method of questing have taken their place. There will be many transactions within the Knights and Peasants Ecosystem that will be linked to a USD value. This implies that, for instance, a Peasant mint will have a set USD price that is paid in the $KNP token.

Wage Farms will be eliminated, and Peasant leveling will now be accomplished with Quest-obtained Profession knowledge books. Wage token emissions from quests will totally replace those from wage farms. This improves the user experience overall and gets rid of some of the clumsy staking mechanics.

For more information about many of the upcoming features on the Knights and Peasants Polygon platform, refer to the documents HERE.

Polygon Mint and Whitelisting
There is a whitelist for today’s Polygon Knight mint in order to recognize and thank our project's devoted and engaged supporters. You get the chance to mint 10 Knights while on the WL at a lower cost than what the public mint would charge.

WL positions are distributed through competitions and activities held on Twitter and Discord, such as the weekly Game evenings and collaborations with other projects.

WL Price: $50
Public Sale Price: $70
Chain: Polygon

Today, October 14th at 8 PM CET the Whitelist Mint will be made available, the outstanding Art will also be revealed! At 10 PM CET the Public mint will be enabled.

On October 16th at 8 PM CET the development team will reveal the NFTs stats.

On October 21th at 7 PM CET - Free mints will get airdropped. October 21th at 8 PM CET - The Quests and Token launch will be activated by the development team and players will be able to engage with the Play to Earn systems!

Project Links:
Website - https://knightsandpeasants.one/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/KnightsPeasants
Discord - https://discord.com/channels/@me/999625360889098332

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 14, 2022